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Red Oxx Herd Part 1 – Road Warriors

Red Oxx Herd Part 1 – Road Warriors

Corralling the Herd

Fans of Red Oxx gear are fondly referred to as “The Herd”. But just who are these honorable people? What do they do and how do they use their Red Oxx Gear?

During the past 35 years their life stories have permeated the brand with Adventures from the far corners of the globe.

Scott Brady, the publisher of Overland Journal has taken Red Oxx Gear to all seven continents, pronouncing them “Gear of the Decade“!

Less prone to writing stories about their travels thousands of fans have left glowing product reviews on our website, posted interesting and fun pictures on our social media sites and written loving letters to our customer care team.

Discussions of these so-called “personas” distilled down to three basic groups: Road Warriors, Digital Nomads, and Makers and Mavericks. If someone on your Christmas wish list were to be classified in one of these groups, what kind of bag would suit them best? Here we’ll explore The Road Warrior.

Bags for the Road Warrior

These are fans who travel around on wheels. Four wheels, two wheels, big wheels, small wheels, Road Warriors live out of their Red Oxx gear and appreciate the soft-sided nature of our bags.

Much like bags for chartered flights, soft-sided bags are regaled because they can be form-fitted into nooks and crannies in specialized Overland 4×4 Rigs, Semi-Trucks, Camping Vans, sports cars, and everyday SUVs, econo-boxes, sedans, or hauled around in the panniers of motorcycles.

One-day trips, a weekend, or a full-blown summer long RV or Overland tour, whether exploring North Americas highways, or crawling over unpaved trails, Road Warriors require durable bags that can keep their belongings organized and easy to access. In addition to making durable bags “fit” a trunk, a drawer, or a cubby-hole, they need a bag that they can see into and access whatever it is they’re taking along for the ride.

Probably our most popular line of Road Warrior bags are the Safari Beanos Duffels. Available in four sizes, the Beanos Duffels provide large top access main compartments and sizable end pockets for smaller items. They are classic style duffels, built to last the rigors of the road.

Popular bags with the Overlanding crowd include the Expedition Series Duffels. The two smaller models, Flying Boxcar and Sun Chaser, feature long top-loading main compartments and small raised pockets located on the sides of the bags. The two larger models, the Sherpa Jr. and the Big Oxx are more cargo oriented, capable of storing tents, sleeping bags, cots and so forth.

The cool feature on these larger cargo bags are the built-in compression straps. So not only can you stuff a soft-sided bag into a cubby-hole, but you can compress it down more with the compression straps. 

The most unique Road Warrior bag recommended by Red Oxx is the Big Bull Roll-up. A superb hanging tool-roll style bag that features several raised mesh see-through pockets that perfectly fit our popular packing cubes. Overlanders have used the Big Bull for everything from kitchen cooking supplies, to mechanics tools and vehicle parts, to clothing. The rave about how they can hang it up and see everything they need.

Another hanging bag appreciated by Road Warriors is the Tri-fold Shave Kit, a three compartment toiletry bag that rolls up compact and unrolls to be hung up for easy access to it’s twin mesh pockets and secret privacy pocket.

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