"No Bull" Lifetime Warranty

Safari Beanos PR-4 Gets Rare Warranty Treatment and Comes Home to a Smile

Safari Beanos PR-4 Gets Rare Warranty Treatment and Comes Home to a Smile

Red Oxx is duly proud of our "No Bull" Lifetime Warranty. It’s clear and concise, without the typical "tiny print" exclusions you see in most bag warranties. No hoops to jump through, no restrictions, time limits or other "bull". Just send your bag in and our WITs (Warranty Inspection Team) will ponder how could this have happened? Then they’ll determine should they "repair or replace". It’s truly that simple, just as George Van Grieken discovered, much to his delight.

Baggage Control Battering Beast Strikes Again

I do a lot of traveling for my work. Sometimes, they are short trips and sometimes they are longer trips. For years I’ve juggled various sorts of bags and rolling luggage. But it wasn’t until I hit upon RedOxx that the perfect combination emerged from the traveling resources jungle.

After a lot of online research, I settle on the Safari Beanos PR4 and the PR5 as being the best options in terms of versatility, strength, and compactness, and so I purchased both.

A number of months of use proved that the PR4 was my "perfect" go-to bag. Why? Because it was small enough to carry with me on very short trips, strapping it on to the extended handle of the rolling Swissgear briefcase that I always take, and it was great as a complement to a larger carry-on bag that I take for longer trips, where I can also simply stack it on top of its extended handle. In the process, I found the PR5 bag slightly too large for these purposes, and so I was happy to gift it to someone who needed it.

Not only are your bags really sturdy, flexible, and well-designed, but the no-bull guarantee is truly admirable. Recently, the PR4 emerged from the baggage carousel with serious scuff marks on its sides and a missing top zipper. It looked like it had been mangled by the automatic baggage handling machinery or somewhere else along the way.

Damaged Red Oxx PR4 carry-on bag
Damaged Red Oxx PR4 carry-on bag

After communicating with your office, I sent it in. A couple weeks later it returned repaired, and even improved. Someone had noticed that the carrying handle was frayed from use, and so Red Oxx simply replaced that also.

    I don’t usually smile when I receive a package, but this time I did. It’s great to know that businesses like yours exist, where quality, honesty, and "a little bit extra" are the norm and not the exception.

Thanks for being justifiable proud of your quality and approach to business.

George Van Grieken

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