Packing for a Safari Adventure

Packing for a Safari Adventure

Jim's African Adventure

Red Oxx Manufacturing CEO Jim Markel traveled to Zambia in September 2003. Yes, he brought lots of Red Oxx gear! Jim tested his new Red Oxx Gear in the heart of Africa. Now it's available for purchase. Here's Jim's story:

"I started assembling my kit months in advance, customs, forms, shots etc.. one by one the lists kept getting done. I was on list number six by the time it all started coming together. Leaving my business for three weeks is not something I had done before and it required quite a bit of extra work."

"Time to pack, drawing on my experience in the Marines I assembled all my gear in the living room of my home and started to organize. Static displays have a purpose and when you are getting ready to go out on mission or a safari the goal is the same. Have everything you need and be ready for any contingencies."

"Once packed I tried to sleep, no luck, some things never change. I figured I could sleep on the bird. Our travel agent Linda at Falcon Travel had taken care of all the travel details. We all rendezvoused at the Hampton in Atlanta. Our party was Larry "Beano" Bohnen and My Cousin Shawn Meiman and, of course, yours truly Jim Markel. The boys all had their Red Oxx gear stuffed to the gills. We had quite the pile between the three of us as we headed off to the airport."

"Once in the air it was time to relax and let someone else do the flying. Most people dread long flights but I actually enjoy them. It gives me time to reflect without the constant interruption of the phone or email. Simply crack open a good book and get lost in the story..."



  • Nikon Digital Camera
  • Bogen Tripod
  • Leica 10x42 Binoculars
  • Sebenza Knife by Chris Reeves
  • Surefire Z3 combat light
  • Shorts 3 pair
  • Khaki shirts 3
  • Chaco Sandals
  • Wilderness Medical Kit
  • Roll of Duct Tape
  • 20 foot of Parachute Cord

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