Extra Small Aviator Performs As Perfect Gym Bag

Extra Small Aviator Performs As Perfect Gym Bag

Jack from Saint Croix Falls, Wisconsin thinks the Extra Small Custom Mesh Aviator Kit Bag makes for a pretty great gym bag. Here he talks up how his bag can carry everything he needs for his workout routine along with a few other ideas for use. Not to mention his cute young son digs fooling around in his bag, too! So Jack, why do you think the Extra Small Custom Mesh Aviator is so darn cool?

This is the most perfect gym bag ever created, in my opinion. The mesh (a custom order option) is pretty opaque and thick (read: durable), but extremely breathable. The zippers and Cordura are the same quality as the rest of the Red Oxx line.

I was initially a little worried that I'd gotten a size too small for what I had in mind, but I shouldn't have been concerned. This bag is deceptively large on the inside, while looking very modestly sized on the outside. I'm currently (carelessly and loosely, no bundling here) packing a pair of size 13 men's sneakers, two t-shirts, two pairs of shorts, two pairs of boxers, a Lil Roy bag for my headphones/MP3 player/deodorant/etc, a 32 oz. water bottle, and a full size viscose PackTowl and I think I'd consider it half-full.

I sweat a lot at the gym, so I usually wrap my used clothes in the Packtowl for transport home so it doesn't "funkify" my other clothes in there, and the mesh really helps keep things aired out until you get them back home.

I'm also looking forward to using this as a bike clothes bag during the summer and "non-dry" bag for kayaking on the river. This will be a great bag for zipping up a twelve pack and soaking in the river to cool in the evening after a long day on the river, then having a relatively dry bag the next day to use again for other things.

Great price on a more-useful-than-you-might-think half mesh bag. Empty, it packs down to almost nothing, so it's really easy to shove in another bag and have available when you need it.

Since I saw the number one question people seem to have is the size of the Extra Small aviator bags, here's some shots to show exactly how much I pack in mine every day for the gym after work without stuffing it to the seams ... this all fits easily.

Everything that goes to the gym, fits in that bag!
Everything that goes to the gym, fits in that bag!

Now if you want to get really serious about a working out we offer The Jims Gym Bag

It has Breathable Mesh panels that helps your workout gear to breathe. It also Includes Custom Packing Cube

Jims Gym Bag is the perfect way to bring a vintage touch to your work out. Featuring styling that harkens back to the day of Jim Markel Sr.'s days spent in the gym, this bag merges durability and function while you flex in the mirror. 

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