Air Boss Survives Africa for 7 Years and Still Going Strong

Air Boss Survives Africa for 7 Years and Still Going Strong

MacGregor Magruder works in several rough African countries as a missionary. He’s lived out of his Air Boss for the past seven years and while a bit dusty, his bag keeps up with him where ever he treads, whether caught up in the war-torn borders of North and South Sudan or hanging out in Nairobi, Kenya. Here’s his story.

Essentially I’ve been living in Africa for seven years now, and am currently based in Nairobi. I get to go to some pretty interesting places. I’m a missionary focused on "mission mobilization" –meaning I look to support, train and encourage indigenous rural missionaries to reach out towards their own peoples and neighboring tribes. We also look for ways to help these indigenous folks to think through ways to solve relief and development situations.

These shots were from a recent trip up into Sudan – Nuba Mountain area which is contested by both Sudan and South Sudan. There is currently war raging between the two countries for this territory. The Arab north has had an ongoing genocide against the Subsaharan Africans of this region – both Muslim and Christian. Basically if you are not Arab the north is looking to remove you from the new boarders by whatever means possible. There are numerous refugee camps set up just across the boarder into S. Sudan to assist those fleeing the bombardments and attacks. Others choose to remain and fight. Very sad situation.

On this trip we loaded out a chartered Cessna Caravan with medical supplies and slipped into the region to assist the missionary and indigenous doctors who are trying to do what they can to provide relief. During the time we also tried to encourage these folks, give them a shoulder to cry on and do the same with local church leaders. Letting them know that though their story is not well known in the West there are indeed many that are concerned.

I’ve had plenty of opportunities to grab shots of your gear with Serengeti wildlife, fly fishing, possibly some hunting or whatnot. I will drop you a line from time to time if shots come out well.

Blessings on your great work keeping industry at the local level!

MacGregor Magruder

Air Boss relaxes in Amboseli National Park, Kenya.

And blessings to you MacGregor for the fine humanitarian work you do, the risks you take and your brand loyalty! Cheers, Jim Markel CEO

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