C-Ruck Rucksack Does the Talking

C-Ruck Rucksack Does the Talking

C-Ruck "Liberates" on the Beach in Hawaii

Marla Solender gave a unique spin on her Adventure. She let her bag do the talking. The time-tested tough C-Ruck Rucksack took her along for a little trip over to "the islands." For sharing with us her lovely image and adventure journal submission, Marla's rucksack gets her choice of Rigger Wallet or Market Tote. When will we hear about about YOUR adventure?

Or do we have to wait for your bag to do the talking?


The journey thus far had been the usual travel nightmare; an oversold, delayed, then canceled flight to Kona, Hawaii. C-Ruck’s comfortable pack straps instantly slid onto her new owner’s shoulders as they joined the mad dash to the service counter for re-booking.

While the checked baggage languished in limbo, C-Ruck (easily carried on board) spent a comfortable night in a hotel room affording her owner easy access to all items brought from home. C-Ruck pitied the other passengers clutching their tiny amenities kits hoping to look fresh for the morning flight.

C-Ruck's compact, cleverly designed specifications allowed ample packing room for a journey of any length and could either be stowed in the overhead bin or under a seat (even packed with souvenirs). C-Ruck was proud of her genealogy that imparted quality and durability into her current generation. Besides that, she knew she looked good and she eagerly awaited liberation in Hawaii.

Once again, C-Ruck’s compact design served her well as she slid into the cramped trunk of the convertible rental car; she graciously shared the space with another carry-on bag and two full sets of snorkeling gear.

A day at the beach left C-Ruck sunburned and full of sand but back at the hotel was easily brushed clean and looking brand new in her practical safari colors. She was not at all high maintenance. C-Ruck knew her sensible design coupled with her ease of mobility meshed perfectly with her new owner's philosophy of exploring the world with one carry-on bag. C-Ruck knew she would be the bag going on safari in the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania, next February as she and her new owner had bonded well. This was definitely the beginning of a long and happy relationship.


Now if only we could get people to wax as eloquently as the C-Ruck that could. Perhaps this is a new call to arms for all Red Oxx gear languishing in some cold, dark and lonely closet. Splay yourself upon the bed, zipped open and ready to be packed. ~ Cheers, Jim Markel CEO

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