C-Ruck Rucksack Cruises Chicken Bus Connections

C-Ruck Rucksack Cruises Chicken Bus Connections

Packing Cubes in Top Load Does the Trick.

Experienced carry-on travelers know the value of carrying your bag. Rollaboards can lose or break a wheel and leave one stranded curbside in some third world backdrop. Bo Cordle found out the hard way during an impromptu trip to Guatemala that the local transportation can also lose a wheel and leave you stranded. How did he manage? Hint - he recently purchased a Red Oxx Rucksack.


After a few beers one night, my friend said "I'd really love to go back and revisit Guatemala, but it's hard to find somebody that'll go with me." My response? "Let’s go!"

I barely even knew where Guatemala was, but a quick Wikipedia query led me to believe it was time to put my Air Boss on the shelf and order a new C-Ruck for the occasion. My friend was convinced I'd get frustrated with the top load design, so I supplemented it with two Nomad Shave Kits and a Tri-fold. Packing clothes into the toiletry bags, plus a first aid kit in the Tri-fold, I never found myself having to dig to the bottom of the bag to retrieve gear.


Day three into the eleven day trip we were on a microbus from Antigua to Lake Atitlan when the wheel fell off. The wheel literally fell off the bus & went bouncing by my window as we ground to a halt on the Pan American Highway. Just the kind of introduction to Central American travel my C-Ruck and I should’ve expected. It's now day eight and we’ve just made our third Chicken Bus connection. As the Guatemalans throw my bag from bus roof to bus roof, I'm not the least bit concerned... I know my Red Oxx gear can handle anything.

~Bo Cordle

Bo, your photo is awesome. It really captures the agony and frustration one can encounter on a trip around the Third World. Good thing your wheels weren’t attached to your bag. Go C-Ruck! For publishing his Adventure Journal, Bo gets his choice of a Market Tote or Rigger Wallet. Why not submit your story?
Cheers ~Jim Markel, CEO

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