6 Monkey Fist Zip Knots

Simple Bag Locking Tips Video

Simple Bag Locking Tips Video

How to Semi-Secure Your Bag Using Red Oxx Cable Lock and Monkey Fist Zip Knots


In this video, Red Oxx CEO Jim Markel shows you how to secure your belongings using items that come with every Red Oxx Bag.


Locking Your Bag Using a Red Oxx Cable Lock Braided Wire Screw Fastener

Every Red Oxx bag comes with a Dog Tag Identifying Tag. This Dog Tag contains the product name, SKU model number, color option, price, and our website address. We use it as our "price tag" for our in-store and convention customers but it also functions as a clever simple zipper locking system. Here’s how to remove the Dog Tag and Cable Lock and then use the Cable Lock to secure your bag.

  •     Grasp the knurl (the metal tube on the cable with a checkered grip surface) on the cable lock braided wire with one hand and holding the wire about a half inch from the knurl end cap with the other hand and twist the knurl. The knurl will either unscrew towards you or away from you depending on how you are holding the cable.
  •     Keep unscrewing the knurl until it separates from the screw head end of the wire cable.
  •     You may now remove the Dog Tag and discard it or save it for a handy emergency signal mirror or any number of recyclable uses.
  •     Now you have a free Cable Lock that can be used for securing the zippers on your bag. Simply pass the cable through the holes in both zipper tabs and screw the two ends back together.
  •     While the braided wire cable can be clipped with a strong scissors or wire snip, the fact a thief will have to have a tool like this readily available will at the very least if not deter them, it will certainly slow them down. Note that a thief can still get their finger into the space between the zippers. Using this simple system also does not draw attention that you have "locked" your bag, leaving the thief to think there’s nothing important in your bag.

Locking Your Bag Using a Red Oxx Monkey Fist Zip Knot Zipper Pull

Every Red Oxx bag comes with a Monkey Fist Zip Knot on every zipper. If there are two tabs on a zipper, there are two Monkey Fists. Here’s how to use two Monkey Fists to secure your bag.

  •     Remove one Monkey Fist from one of the zipper tabs. You can do this by pulling on the loop with your fingers while simultaneously pushing the “fist” through the loop. Then reinsert the loop end through the zipper tab hole and taking the other Monkey Fist and tying the two knots together in a simple knot.
  •     A second option is to loop the Fist on one Knot through the loop of the second Zipper Knot and looping it around and pushing it through the loop a second time. Pull tightly on the Knots.

Hope these instructions give you insight into securing your belongings.
Jim Markel, CEO

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