Mini Rucksack Fends Off Dracula

Mini Rucksack Fends Off Dracula

Roadster Packs the Survival Goods, Including Garlic.

Early summer 09, George Baboi sent us some great pictures from his trek up to the basecamp of Mount Everest. Having conquered the trip up the mighty mountain, George set his eyes west and took his trusty Mini Ruck to the hinterlands of Transylvania. Here's George with a few more great images as he tours Europe.

Hi Jim,
As the journey continued, I was on the road again with the Roadster Mini Rucksack. However, this time to Western and Eastern Europe and especially to Transylvania, Romania to see Dracula's castle. Please stay away from that place, especially at night, and remember bats are not as bad as Dracula.

Faux Paris.
Faux Paris

Town Square.
Town Square

Flower Marketplace.
Flower Marketplace

Taking a Walk Back In Time

So, after using the Red Oxx Rucksack on my Himalaya adventure back in April, I brought it along with me again to the home of Count Dracula! Walking through the tight corridors, up the red brick walkway to the arching wooden door of the Count's castle, it was if I was walking back in time.

Dracula's Castle.
Dracula's Castle

Castle up close.
Castle up close

Shall we meet the Count?
Shall we meet the Count?

Is Dracula... Alive?

My Mini Rucksack was in tow with all the essentials; map, camera, glasses and garlic cloves; brought for protection of course. Again, the Mini Rucksack proved to be durable and the right fit to meet my traveling needs not only for daring adventures to Mt. Everest Base Camp, but also to places where "normal" tourists go including Vienna, Budapest and Bucharest.

Going in!
Going in!

Contagious if bit!
Contagious if bit!

As always, something about the Rucksack turning heads and having people ask the same question: "Wow! What a nice backpack! Where did you get it?" Well, I feel a bit sad as your Rucksack is getting more attention than I. In any case, in addition to it's functionality and practicality, it is also a good "starting conversation piece."

Thank you Red Oxx for making such a great Rucksack for my outlandish travels!

George Baboi

Thanks George. Are those tiny dots in the air by the castle bats? "Yes." replied George.


We admire your bravery with heights and bats. Keep those Journals and great pictures coming! ~ Cheers, Jim Markel CEO

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