Legendary Red Oxx Customer Care

Legendary Red Oxx Customer Care

How can we help you?

Red Oxx takes great pride in our Customer Service. In fact we like to prefer to call it customer care, because we do care. You have a variety of paths you can take to communicate with our trained and friendly staff.

You can call us direct at 1-888-733-6999, you can email us, you can as a question via the blue circled question mark in the lower right corner, or stop by in person at our Factory Outlet Retail Store and hang out, or if you're not in any kind of hurry, we still enjoy good old-fashioned snail mail when it lands on our desks.

Our Red Oxx Customer Service Gold Standards.

Three Steps of Gold Service Standards

1. A warm and sincere greeting; please tell us your name?
2. Anticipation and fulfillment of each customer's needs.
3. Thank you and come again. Even though you may buy a bag for life, we offer you the ability to "Outfit your Kit" with a unique line of essential travel accessories.

Our Service Values: We are proud to be in the Red Oxx herd.

1. Red Oxx promises to build strong relationships and create customers for life.
2. Red Oxx is always responsive to the expressed and unexpressed wishes and needs of our customers.
3. Red Oxx is empowered to create unique, memorable and personal experiences and provide useful tools for our customers.
4. Red Oxx will own and immediately resolve customer issues.
6. Red Oxx is proud of our professional and friendly demeanor and behavior.
7. Red Oxx will guard and protect the privacy and security of our customer’s accounts, emails, phone numbers, and residences.
8. Red Oxx promises to offer solutions that benefit our customers.
9. When Red Oxx communicates with our customers; it's a conversation, not a correspondence.

Red Oxx Customer Service Invokes the use of CARP!

Control the situation.
Acknowledge the dilemma.
Refocus the conversation.
Problem solve, so our customers are happy.

Our handmade travel gear is in high demand and we've worked hard to meet that demand. Since we've moved into our new factory #8 Red Oxx has nearly doubled our production floor staff and are always on the lookout for new hires.

None-the-less, problems can still arise so the effort is made make your purchase, and your choice of communication channels, as smooth and as easy as possible.

Customer Care Questions?

For questions about returns, exchanges, warranty issues, backorders, and more, please refer to our detailed CONTACT US HELP SECTION HERE.

Preferred contact method: please call our toll free number 1-888-RED-OXXX or direct dial +1 406-245-5847.

Or try our Red Oxx Email or message us on social media; note there could be a delay in getting back to you.

If you're in the neighborhood, stop by and visit us, or if you don't mind waiting for snail mail, write to us at:

310 North 13th St.
Billings, Montana 59101

Our Factory Outlet Store operating hours are:

10am-5pm (MST) Monday-Friday

Red Oxx Sherpa Jr. Styling Concept - 1949 Dodge Route Van Red Oxx Sherpa Jr. Styling Concept - 1949 Dodge Route Van

Sign in with a Password or use the Email Verification Code to Check Your Order at the SIGN IN link in the Header. If you had an account prior to December 23rh, 2019, your order history will not be displayed. Red Oxx moved to a new online website platform and customer order histories did not transfer.

Customer Care Testimonials

"I ordered a safari bag this morning and wanted to be sure it would arrive before I head to Botswana 10 days from now so I called to check on it. Lisa answered the phone and said she had just processed my order and I would have it this week. That is what I like. Personal service from a knowledgeable person in real time. Top marks!! Thanks." ~ Terry Haney

"Christian was very helpful, and went above and beyond what was necessary to insure that I continue to be a very satisfied RedOxx customer! Thanks!!" ~ Michael Kazimar

"Very detailed response and awesome, prompt customer service. Thanks!!!" ~ Nathan

"Excellent! Christian was friendly but at the same time very business-like. A damn good job!" ~ Steve Merritt

"That was one of the most helpful customer service replies I've ever received in my life. Clear, well written, added information, above and beyond. Many thanks." ~ Erik Olson

"Christian is a great rep for the company. If Red Oxx products match the quality of its customer service then it's a company in excellent shape." ~ Michael Settanni
"Thank you so much Amanda! You're the best! Got the package and I'm very pleased with everything that I ordered." ~ Royce A. Owens

"I sent my bag in for warranty work. You guys sent me a brand new bag in a timely manner. Thank you! Good customer service is becoming rare. Your doing great." ~ Mishka Wisoff

"You folks are top notch. Thank you so much." ~ David W. Hershberger

"Dear Amanda, I received my replacement Nomad bag yesterday. In the box was a notebook I had left in the C-ruck that I returned. I was missing it and hadn't realized it was in the bag when I sent it back. Thank you so much for returning it as it has some crucial notes I took at a meeting. Your company is super. I don't think many companies would have bothered to notice it let alone return it. Best wishes" ~ Joshua Shaevitz

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