Air Boss Suitcase Provides for Medical Mission to Peru

Air Boss Suitcase Provides for Medical Mission to Peru

Air Boss as Medical Bag? Why not!

Marvin Dunbar and son in law set off on a medical mission to the jungles of Peru. This was strictly a "carry on only" mission of good will. How did these two honorable men, each armed with only their own Air Boss Bags, manage such a feat?

My son-in-law, Don Keeling, and I participated in a medical mission trip to the Amazon jungle of Peru. We had to carry all we needed including food, medications, supplies, camping equipment, etc with us. Room for personal items, including clothing was very limited. The Air Boss provided all the space we needed for our personal items and was the perfect size for a carry-on bag. This allowed us to pack footlockers for everything else.

With strict limits on checked bags, this extra space was well used for the other supplies.

We traveled by air to Iquitos Peru, then in a "Moto" which reminds me of a 3 wheeled small motorcycle powered rickshaw, then into a local taxi for 90 Km. From there on a small boat traveling on the Amazon and several tributaries for 300 more Km to arrive at our first medical clinic site. We continued to travel by small boat to different villages doing medical clinics.

I worked with Reap South America. They are a wonderful group totally committed to serving the People of South America including the Amazon River Basin in Peru. I have worked with many organizations and this is one of the best. They work efficiently and genuinely desire to serve. They show God's love through all they do.

I do several mission projects a year. This year included South America, mid-east, Europe and Asia and my Air Boss goes everywhere with me. I look forward to a new Luggage Tag because the original one finally broke. Considering what I put a bag through, this in itself is amazing. The Monkey Fists are also equally amazing and I will order more for my other bags. They make opening a bag much easier with or without gloves. The fulcrum they provide really is great.

There were no restaurants or hotels where we served so we had to camp and brought our own food. However, upon arriving back into Iquitos, every meal was a banquet and the taste of clean water was unbelievable. We loved the jungle, but the city was very welcome.


We admire the work you do Marvin. Have you considered a Gator as a medical bag? It can, in a pinch, serve as a "personal item" allowing you the option of carrying your Air Boss on board. You can then place your Gator under the seat.
Cheers, Jim

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