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August 19, 2020

Pictures Tell a Story – Red Oxx Basks Under Towering Canadian Mountains

Sometimes pictures tell a story better than words ever can. Jeff C. took some fabulous photos of a fabulously photogenic British Columbia and Alberta, specifically the Banff area and the neighboring Yoho National Park. Here’s Jeff’s "Honorable Mention" Summer Adventure Promotion Submission. Red Oxx Air Boss Packed and Ready to Roll In August 2019 my

August 10, 2020

How to Pack for a Summer Mission Trip to Nepal

Despite the fact that this year there was no real trip to look forward to, Theresa planned a trip to Nepal that "could have been". In the process she created a "how to pack a backpack for carry-on travel to Nepal" guide. Having learned the number one reason to travel carry-on style, Theresa themed her

August 10, 2020

Red Oxx C-Ruck Rucksack Cradles Tennis Rackets for Trip Down Under

Stephanie and her husband took their first "bucket list" trip to the land down under – Australia. They booked their sports-themed trip with Tennis Ventures and traveled to attend the Australian Open in January of 2016. It was winter in the U.S., but it was a glorious summer in Australia. The trip itinerary provided numerous

August 5, 2020

Red Oxx Air Boss Assists Essential Worker’s Life on the Road

James H. confesses this really isn’t a summer adventure story, and that’s fine by us. Traveling for work is most of his life, and that is always an -adventure. We can certainly agree. So with no more ado, here’s James with our "favorite runner-up" Summer Adventure Journal Submission : My career with Electrical Utilities takes

August 5, 2020

Former LEO and Wife Trade Financial Security for Life in an RV

Fred G. joins us with his life-changing story and what it means to him when he talks about where things are made. Let’s join Fred with his "Honorable Mention" Summer Adventure Journal submission. Two years after our last child got married and left home my wife and I became empty-nesters. We both had high-stress jobs,

August 5, 2020

Visit to Red Oxx Makes Trip to Montana Memorable

Traveling back to the summer of 2017, Ethan Mayefsky fulfilled his life-long dream to visit Montana. He says it was the last great trip he had taken and the first vacation he’d had in a decade. It would also be the first flight he took in a decade as well. This story reminds me of

August 5, 2020
Red Oxx K-12 Kat Pack Backpack shown in Special Edition Green

Summer Shelter-In-Place Adventure in San Fransisco

Chris Q. lamented that due to his State’s Shelter-in-Place orders he could not take a road trip to escape his entrapment. A fan of classic Hollywood mysteries and famous stars Steve McQueen, Kim Novak and Jimmy Stewart, Chris got the bright idea to explore locally, bringing along his Red Oxx Special Edition Red Eye Collective

August 5, 2020

Red Oxx Railroad Gear Brings Comfort to a Life on the Rails

Bradley is a proud member of the Brotherhood of Railroaders that make up a large portion of the Red Oxx Herd. Red Oxx delivered the first Railroad Grip to local railroad engineers back in 1994 and we’ve been "riding the rails" ever since. Brad mentioned he "sees a lot of pretty stuff" that most people

August 2, 2020

Adaptation Instead of Expectation – A Key to Successful Road Trip Travel

Anyone who has traveled anywhere knows that vacations do not always live up to expectations. It’s easy to picture yourself on a sunny beach, sipping a drink, and reading a good book from the comfort of your livingroom couch. But sometimes, when you get there, you discover a hurricane has washed away the beach, the

August 1, 2020

Picking Apples Made Easy – Mesh Laundry Bag is Key

Sustainability is about building a better future. It’s a process in which everyone has an effect and all will reap great rewards from its practice. As consumers, we are moving away from single-use choices towards durable goods that will last. However, durability is a quality that is earned. From thousand acre farms to backyard gardening,