Travel Basket Masquerades as Dog Toy

Travel Basket Masquerades as Dog Toy

It flies, it floats, it makes dogs happy

Sometimes what folks use our gear for can surprise us. Sure we've had fans look at our Travel Basket and ask if it's a portable water bowl or food dish for dogs. Now it's true that you could put water in it and it will hold it for a few minutes before the stitched seams begin to leak. But we wouldn't go about recommending that. However, Joe Azzonlino came up with a brilliant use for it. Read on...

While I love my Air Boss, my Labrador retriever hates it. He knows that every time I get the bag out, I go away for a few days. Of course, when he next sees it, it is carrying some treats from my travels, so all is forgiven.

Before a recent trip, I decided to stop at the park to let him run and swim a bit before dropping him off at the dog sitter's. He got all excited when we arrived, bounced out of the car and eagerly awaited me tossing a toy in the water. Problem was, there were no toys in the car.

I had just cleaned the car out, so the only thing in the trunk was my loaded Air Boss. I had just purchased the Red Oxx Travel Basket and remembered the headline that it was "not a dog bowl". Could it be a dog toy? What the hell, I figured, and gave it a toss in the water. Off it flew, high and far, like a Frisbee. Only as it skipped across the lake did I even wonder if it would float! Well,it came to a stop, floating nicely while my dog barreled after it in utter delight. He grabbed it and swam back, dropping it at my feet as happy as could be.

We spent a good half hour playing with the Travel Basket before I dropped off my soaked and exhausted buddy at the sitter. While you may not advertise it as a dog bowl, I know a Lab who thinks it is the greatest dog toy ever!

LOVE the picture Joe. Love. It. While you can wing a Travel Basket fairly well like a Frisbee (we tested this and confirmed), we don't recommend one as a chew or pull toy. Red Oxx products may be "built like tanks" but a dog is more persistent than most critters. After all, that's where the term "dogged" came from. For his brilliance, Mr Azzonlino gets his choice of a Market Tote or Rigger Wallet, neither of which we can think of for uses as dog entertainment... but then you never know.

NOTE: The Travel Basket was replaced by the larger, even more useful Travel Tray!

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