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Red Oxx C-Ruck Rucksack Cradles Tennis Rackets for Trip Down Under

Red Oxx C-Ruck Rucksack Cradles Tennis Rackets for Trip Down Under

Red Oxx Embraces Teamwork, for Life

Red Oxx Corporate Program "Your Logo, Our Bags" has been working with Montana-based first aid kit and survival solutions company Wilderness Medical Systems for over 20 years. During this time, a strong relationship was built, and more importantly, equitably maintained.

Red Oxx is in it for life. Not just our lifetime warranty for all our gear, but our complementary attitude towards our customers. Here’s Donna, the company Director sharing her thoughts on twenty years of committed teamwork. Cheers, Jim Markel, CEO

Back Before the Millennium

In 1999, Kurt and I took over Wilderness Medical Systems from Dr. Gil Preston, its founder. We originally were introduced to Dr. Preston’s first aid kits when Kurt took our oldest son, then 11, to Tanzania to photograph dangerous game. Taking Dr. Preston’s medical survival kit with them was a compromise with me, the skeptical mother.

The biggest glitch with using the good Doctor’s medical kit, however, was something that Kurt soon discovered during this Tanzania trip.

If you needed something fast in the kit (and when do you not?), it was near impossible to find it!

Networking: Our Introduction to Red Oxx Manufacturing

When we took over the business, the first task we had was to find a excellent bag manufacturer. That led us to Red Oxx Manufacturing, right in Billings, Montana! We were referred to them by a woman in Luther, Montana, who knew of them. She said that company leaders Jim and Perry were "good guys" and worth checking out. Kurt called, hit it off with Jim the CEO, and the rest is a happy history.

Getting the Medical Kit Organized was Key to Success

We wanted to redesign the old first aid medical bags so that they would perform better than the ones the Doctor was using. Red Oxx President Perry Jones completely redesigned the WMS bags from the ground up.

His brilliant configuration allowed us to offer an industry-unique way of organizing and accessing the important contents of the kits. The innovative bag design really shines with our larger kits, which can carry anywhere from 400-900 individual medical supplies!

Imagine how hard that would be to wade through if the contents were all just dumped into a big duffel bag like the old kits the doctor used to sell?

To this day, we consider Perry’s unique bag design to be one of the featured selling points of our emergency medical kits – something that no other first aid kit company currently offers: finely-tuned organization in a tough, built-to-last bag.

Loyalty is More than a Reward, it’s a Way of Life

We are 100% committed to having only Red Oxx build our medical first aid kit bags!

First: because of their unique design.

Second: because of the incredibly high quality of their bags. We absolutely will not send out a medical first aid kit in a bag that will not hold up in the field!

Third: because they are U.S.A. made here in our home state of Montana.

Of course, the outstanding customer service, the great owners, and so many other things I could go on and on about are key as well.

Sewing wilderness medical

As Red Oxx’s longest-running corporate client, Wilderness Medical Systems could not be happier or more supportive of what Red Oxx does for us!
~ Sincerely,
Donna von Nieda, Director
Wilderness Medical Systems
"No Matter Where. No Matter What."

You can find Wilderness Medical Systems Excellent First Aid Kits and Premium Survival Solutions here.

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