First Line Pandemic Responders

Red Oxx Assumes Tactical Role for First Line Pandemic Responders

Red Oxx Assumes Tactical Role for First Line Pandemic Responders

Adam L. is a "Huge Fan of our Gear". He’s owned a couple Red Oxx bags for about five years. So far, all going strong and he has no complaints. <&quuot;>Highly recommended, he says as he uses them all the time for his hospital work. Adam feels confident he won’t run into any issues with quality for years to come, if at all. Let’s check in with his Adventure Story…

Hi Jim.

I own the backpack/expandable largest bag you can fit in the overhead bin, I don’t recall the backpack’s name (NOTE: likely the Tres Hombres due to it’s expandable and compressible nature while carry-on legal ~ Jim) and a smaller travel toiletry bag I use for bathroom supplies.

I just wanted to share an experience I had a few months ago. I’m a certified registered nurse anesthetist CRNA (essential worker) and from April – May I traveled from my home in Texas to Brooklyn, NY to aid in the fight against the pandemic. It was an experience I will never forget.

Life on the Pandemic Front Lines

I stayed in a hotel for a couple months while I worked. I took my Red Oxx bags with me for every travel assignment. I was looking for a bag I could actually use at work as well. In Brooklyn I worked a 12 hour shift all around the hospital.

In my line of work when we respond to an emergency we need to have our supplies well organized and readily accessible.

Ideally, I would load my bag with Endotracheal tubes, IV start supplies, oral airways, syringes, an emergency drug box, breathing bag, suction tubing, viral filters, hemostats, a video laryngeal scope and a few other odds and ends. The hospital has stock rooms but typically they are located on different floors or we would piece-meal what we need from other departments.

I would liken it to the bags EMTs carry, but those are sometimes bulky and large. As you can see in picture the closest thing I have to the perfect anesthesia provider go-bag is a fanny pack.

Thank you for running such a quality-driven company.

Stay safe, stay healthy.
Adam L., CRNA

You may be in luck Adam. Red Oxx builds EMT bags for our local Billings Medical units. Contact our Corporate Program Manager for more information at corporate (at)

Cheers, Jim Markel CEO

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