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Picking Apples Made Easy – Mesh Laundry Bag is Key

Picking Apples Made Easy – Mesh Laundry Bag is Key

Sustainability is about building a better future. It’s a process in which everyone has an effect and all will reap great rewards from its practice. As consumers, we are moving away from single-use choices towards durable goods that will last. However, durability is a quality that is earned. From thousand acre farms to backyard gardening, durable harvesting tools are a must. Herd member Victory T. makes the case for using the Red Oxx Laundro Bag to assist in harvesting apples. Seriously, it’s a fantastic idea, check it out!

Understanding Your Food Miles and Why It’s Important

A few years back, I began to look closer at food miles with the intent of reducing my carbon footprint. Food miles being the distance, and the resources used, to deliver groceries to my nearest supermarket.

Why am I buying produce grown thousands of miles away? Convenience tops that list. Yet, what’s more convenient than going to the grocery store? Not going. That is to say, growing my own produce.

Granted, not all the produce I’m accustomed to buying can be grown here in Billings, Montana, it’s a start. Besides, the objective of history’s successful victory gardens were simply to supplement diets and ease pressure on strained war supply lines.

When it came time for us to purchase a home, I looked for lots with gardening space. Luckily, I ended up finding a home with plenty of yard space and an extra bonus of an established apple tree.

To this day, I still strive to make greener choices. Discovering options or tools that are not only effective but eco-friendly as well, is like finding buried treasure. It was always there but just took a bit of effort to be found. Having the proper tools for any job directly effects your success. I couldn’t imagine digging for buried treasure with a spoon; toss me a shovel and away we go! I apply the same concept when harvesting my own produce, such as picking apples.

Plastic Grocery Bags vs Specialty Aprons to Harvest Apples?

Initially I would reuse plastic grocery bags to haul my apple crop. It worked alright however, as we move away from single use products, I found myself with fewer plastic bags to reuse.

I then tried specialty aprons. Cute, quaint, and functional right? Again, they do work but the downfall is having to wear it until you are done harvesting. If you’ve ever had to dash to the front door or chase after a child with 10+ pounds of apples pulling at your hips, you will understand that the specialty apron was not designed for a modern day busy lifestyle.

Apple Harvesting – The Best Bag For Picking, Washing, and Transporting

Ultimately, I found the perfect solution already tucked away in my closet. This "solution" that I discovered I’ve used to keep drinks cold by submerging it in water on camping trips. I’ve used it to gather and dry Linden flowers for tea. Now it’s the only tool I use for harvesting my apples.

And just what is this mysterious multi-use solution?
My Red Oxx Laundro Bag. It’s comfortable to use either strapped on your back or hanging off your front side to make the perfect apple harvesting companion.

  • The shoulder strap is completely adjustable to keep the load of apples close and balanced.
  • It holds more apples than any other option and is quick to remove with the Fastex buckle on the bottom.

I picked, hauled, and easily washed over 16 pounds of apples using just that one bag! This apple picking solution is a serious back-and-time saver. I’m looking forward to many more years of easy apple harvesting, and even more uses for my Laundro bag during my sustainability crusade.
~ many happy returns,
Victory T.

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