Million Mile Miracle Metro Laptop Briefcase

Million Mile Miracle Metro Laptop Briefcase

A Million Miles Merits Replacement for this Laptop Briefcase.

Nothing is more satisfying than meeting up with our customers during our annual trek to Texas for the Dallas Safari Convention. We get to shoot the... uh, well you know and get caught up. There Robert Donalson approached us with his "slightly worn" Metro Briefcase and asked if we could fix the hole in the bottom. He said, "I take it everywhere. I must've clocked a million miles with it."

...A million miles? After picking our jaws up off the floor, we looked over the bag and told him it wasn't possible to fix the hole. Here, have a brand new one. Trading out the new Claw shoulder strap that comes with the bag with his old one, Robert thanked us profusely and took off. After a brief telephone interview, he then wrote to us with his story of the Million Mile Miracle Metro. Is it a miracle our bag made it that far? Let's find out.

Dear Red Oxx,
I have to admit my son Jonathan found you guys first at the Dallas Safari Club Convention years ago. We have purchased a number of your products, Gators, etc.

Note the hole worn in the bag's corner in photo insert.

Note the hole worn in the bag's corner in photo insert.

I also have a couple of the Lil Roys. I keep those in my pickup truck. I can put all my tie downs and so on if you need something to lash down. I keep it under the seat. It keeps it all organized until you need it. I know where they are.

I'm a Captain for one of the major airlines in the US. When our company broke from the traditional leather flight bag to every plane has it's own set of charts, I knew that I needed a small briefcase to carry my personal gear. I looked at all the normal aviation suppliers and was not happy with what I found. Mostly imported junk made overseas, I knew it would not hold up to the type of wear and tear I put on a bag.

I saw your Metro Laptop Briefcase at one of the shows and knew my search was over. I just love this bag! I can keep my sun glasses in the front pouch and a flashlight in the other, I keep my laptop on one side of the padded section and then keep a few magazines for the long layovers on the other. I use the center section as a "catch all". It's really perfect.

I've had a bunch of that cheap stuff. I used to be based in San Fran and I flew to Seoul and I had a lot of the nylon Korean bags. They last about a month. It'll rip up. This one, the Metro, is so much better. I like the way it's laid out. Three separate areas inside. I just throw it over my rollaboard, pull it along. It fits perfect.

I put more use on this bag in a couple of months than most people will in a lifetime. It's not unusual for me to do a 3 day trip to Europe at the beginning of the month, come home and have 2 days off and then go on a 5 day trip to South America, come home again and a few days later be off to the Middle East for a week of flying.

To be honest I was a little embarrassed to show you this bag at the DSC show. I figured you might be able to stitch a few patches on it and it would be good to go. You guys were fantastic. You said, "They're made to be used now go get a new one off the rack!"

I want everyone to know the zippers were still like new and all the snaps still worked like new, the only problem is where I had let it slip off my rollaboard and let it drag along. Once I shortened the strap all the wear stopped (my fault, not yours).

I only have 10 years left till retirement, not sure I will be able to give you much of a report on it! Seriously, I've been flying now over 26 years and your stuff is the best!

Captain Robert Donalson

Robert's free replacement Metro Briefcase takes off!

Robert's free replacement Metro Briefcase takes off!

Well we must say that hearing about a bag with a million miles under it's belt was a story that had to be told. Put a patch on it... right... Indeed, we'll get right on that. Is it really a miracle this bag went a million miles before needing replacement? Actually, we don't think so.

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