Gator EDC Bag Rides Tough on Camel Caravan

Gator EDC Bag Rides Tough on Camel Caravan

Adventure travel consultant Farley Taylor took this photo of her camel caravan at rest in the remote Northern Frontier District (NFD) of Kenya.

Hi Jim,
I had a group of seven clients and we walked along luggas, (dry riverbeds) for 12 + miles a day accompanied by Samburu warriors and a camel caravan.

The land was raw, fiercely beautiful, and unspoiled. We consistently saw elephant, hyena, leopard, as well as many other animal tracks as we walked along day after day.

The only other people we saw were the locals who hardly gave us another look they went about their daily business as we went about ours. Two worlds passing each other by. The area was unlike anywhere I have ever been and the starlit skies made our Big Sky country seem small.

The conditions were harsh so we needed to have equipment which could stand up to anything. My Gator Bag was put to the ultimate test and survived unscathed. My only concern was that one of the Samburu would keep it for himself!

Our company specializes in these types of adventure trips, particularly in Africa but to other parts of the world as well. We pride ourselves in creating a trip for our friends/clients which will be like no other. If the desire to travel grabs you, I invite you to log on to our website at and see what destination inspires you.

Safe and happy travels,
Farley Taylor

Sounds like a great time, Farley. Note: Farley's stand-up-to-anything Gator carry-on personal item bag features their company logo, courtesy of the Red Oxx Corporate Program in which we can put your company's logo on any of our bags. Nice photo! Cheers, Jim Markel CEO

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