"Honorable Mention" Summer Adventure Journal

Former LEO and Wife Trade Financial Security for Life in an RV

Former LEO and Wife Trade Financial Security for Life in an RV
Fred G. joins us with his life-changing story and what it means to him when he talks about where things are made. Let’s join Fred with his "Honorable Mention" Summer Adventure Journal submission.

Two years after our last child got married and left home my wife and I became empty-nesters. We both had high-stress jobs, her as a supervisor for a large insurance company, and I as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer. On top of that we had a small farm raising heritage breed hogs. We both decided to sell the farm and we resigned from our financially secure positions.

We bought a van and a small RV. What possessions we didn’t take with us, we gave to both our girls ("set them up" as you say). We decided since we won’t have a lot of material items, the things we own should mean something.

    A large part of that meaning is where those items are made.

I grew up in a Navy family and I’m an Army combat Veteran. I believe we all have a duty to support America’s businesses. I work hard for my money and devote the same energy when making a purchase.

My wife and I have traveled all over the USA and find this is the life for us. We do a lot of boondocking but love a good campground also.

So when it came time to find us some shower bags and shaving kits (I confess, they were formally grocery bags) my work began. I purchased two of your Market Totes and two shave kits. These things are awesome with quality that should last a lifetime. The bags will be able to handle any chore I throw at them. I know these aren’t big purchases to a company but they are very important to us. For this I thank you for putting out exceptional bags.

Next time we are up your way I would love to stop in and say hello.

Thanks again, your company makes America proud.
Sincerely, F. Grant

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