A Market Tote for Our Good Earth - the Co-op Review

A Market Tote for Our Good Earth - the Co-op Review

Review by Good Earth Marketing Manager Alicia Reyer.

Red Oxx has a long history of supporting local businesses and in turn they support us. Since everyone has to eat, the Oxxen prefer to shop at the local downtown former Good Earth Market, Billings' only regional Food Co-op. The Co-op presented us with an enthusiastic review of our Market Tote, published on their blog by their Marketing Manager, Alicia Reyer, just in time for the Farmer's Market season! Here's Alicia's whimsical Market Tote review. Many thanks for thinking of us.


My dad began using locally produced Red Oxx bags back when I was too young to fully understand just how cool they really are. When Dad offered to let me use his large, black boy bag for a weekend softball tournament, I begrudgingly agreed and awkwardly tried to cover it up the whole weekend.

Years later, I actually took a look at the bags my dad had, and I came to the light and saw the coolness factor. No longer a "boy" bag, but a sleek, colorful, well-constructed bag with a massive zipper that won't get stuck in the fabric.

That leads me to my very first Red Oxx ownership: the Market Tote. Appropriate, really, considering the amount of time I spend in the co-op. "Tough 1000 denier military grade CORDURA® nylon" their website says. Not sure what all that means, but whatever it is, it's tough. Having used other reusable grocery bags that start to fall apart after several uses, this one shows no signs of tearing. Even if it did, the lifetime warranty is just too good to pass up.

I'm picturing myself riding a bike through a vineyard, with a bouquet of flowers, a bottle of wine, and fresh baked bread in the basket. Quality does that to me, and this bag only helps conjure up that dream. Now if I can just remember to put it back in my car.

Get Market Smart


Well Alicia, we like to put our Market Tote in the trunk, under the seat, in the backseat or better yet, hang it over the front door handle at home. That way, it's always right there, ready to go with us (whether we're walking, driving, or riding our bike through a vineyard on our way to the store, or perhaps to a romantic picnic). Fill your grocery needs with a sturdy and handsome Market Tote and show off your sustainable shopping side.

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