30 Years Traveling - New Customer Rates Tres Hombres Carry-on Bag "On Top"

30 Years Traveling - New Customer Rates Tres Hombres Carry-on Bag "On Top"

The Perfect Solution for Carry-on.

Dispensing with wise advice can sometimes work both ways for fathers and daughters. Call it "woman's intuition" or just plain awareness of community. In this case, Bill's daughter helped make him aware that he had a local bag manufacturer making world class travel bags right under his nose. Opting for our ruggedly unique Tres Hombres Bill promptly put it to the test and discovered that this is one versatile carry-on bag.

Carry-on travel vs. Checked Travel? No question who wins.

I live in Billings but spend half my year traveling to Asia, Africa, and Europe as part of my work. Asia and Africa travel is often out in the boonies. I cannot tell you how many times I have lost luggage, had pieces broken off of "unbreakable" bags or waited hours at baggage claim before claiming my stuff. I frequently book travel with long layovers just because I do not want to go one place and my bag remain behind or end up on some other continent. Once you arrive in-country, you need baggage you can easily haul in trucks, public transportation and on your back to keep it out of the mud and dust.

Well, all of that changed...

The colors of Bangladesh. The colors of Bangladesh.


Tres Hombres Bests the Airlines.

My daughter told me about Red Oxx and I mentioned it to two friends. The next thing I knew, they were buying bags. So did I. I went over to their showroom and picked up a Tres Hombres. It is so adaptable, fits everything I travel with and packs more on the return. It works perfectly with packing modules. I gave it its test drive in Bangladesh a couple of weeks ago (I travel there four times a year). It made minced meat out of every airline overhead bin we tried.

We never got questioned about our bags, let alone stopped.

My friend traveling with me and I made very close connections and walked straight onto the plane in Istanbul on the way in and out of Bangladesh. I also cannot say enough about the quality. Now all I need is a Red Oxx Gator and Tri-fold Shave Kit and my traveling future is secure.

Fishing is a primary source of food. Fishing is a primary source of food.


I have spent the last 30 plus years globetrotting. This is the first time I ever felt that I was on top of the airlines, not the other way around. I hope you enjoy my pictures of the trip.

Another experienced traveler joins the herd. Welcome aboard Bill. For Bill's efforts we tossed him his choice of a Market Tote or a Rigger Wallet, our little incentive to publish an Adventure Journal on our website. What's your story?

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