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Red Oxx Recommended Gear Video – Travel Accessories You Can Trust

The Clown Motel

We’re not clowning around!

In this video Red Oxx Travel Ambassador Kasey Austin, Vice President of award winning travel agency Austin Adventures, chats with Red Oxx CEO Jim Markel, about the benefits of traveling with carefully thought out "quality-of-life improving" travel accessories that Red Oxx uses and sells, but doesn’t make.


What are some of the criteria for recommending, and selling on our website, a travel accessory that is not made by Red Oxx?

  • Made in U.S.A., or imported by an overseas company that practices the same business ethics we do, such as French manufacturing company Petzl.
  • Compact size – the accessory should be as portable as possible in size and weight.
  • Cool factor – it has to be a smart product, one that was well thought out, useful and beneficial.
  • Quality of travel life improvement – does this product improve my travel lifestyle, make me comfortable, calm, relaxed?
  • Is it an everyday carry item? Is it trending in the travel industry?
  • Does it match our Travel Light Philosophy?

If we don’t already build the best travel essentials, we’ll research them, buy them, test them, we’ll try to break ’em… if all goes well, we’ll recommend them. Find our favorite recommended Travel Essentials here.
Cheers, Jim Markel CEO