Sky Train Convertible Backpack Conquers Mount Fuji

Sky Train Convertible Backpack Conquers Mount Fuji

Not Just for Carry-on Anymore.

When we hear from members of our Armed Forces we know they'll identify with our philosophy of overbuilding our gear. Even more, they appreciate supporting travel gear made in the USA. It's what they are fighting for. So when a story comes in that our popular Sky Train Carry-on Bag served successfully as "hiking backpack," we are overcome with joy (and a few well I told yah sos).

I just wanted to let you know what a great product you are putting out. As a former Marine I especially like to see a good success story also. I have been doing a lot of traveling lately with my company and I figured that the Sky Train would be sufficient enough to take me across the globe.

I was recently in Japan and I had the opportunity to climb Mount Fuji. I used the Sky Train to carry all my clothing to Japan and when I climbed Fuji it was the only backpack I had. I carried my jacket, an extra sweater, socks, food and water for the day. From the airplane to the top of a 13,000 ft volcano, this pack was everything I expected and more.
John Vogh

We're seeing more and more folks using their Red Oxx Luggage for traveling above and beyond simply airline carry on travel. Overland vehicle travel, hiking far beyond the corridors of airports, even camping. And that's just fine by us. Consider it "Adventure Gear," not just travel bags for flying. 

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