Roaming Reporter Rates Air Boss Carry-on as “Tough”

Roaming Reporter Rates Air Boss Carry-on as “Tough”

Australian Travel Blogger Buys Into One Bag Travel

Simon Westcott of the The Age Blogs - the Roaming Reporter, was talking to a friend of his who purchased an Air Boss Carry-on Bag under the guise of "Ned." Now Ned tends to be accustomed to "very particular shopping quests." He's also pushing the travel light dictum and investigating packing. He insists that the one bag he's going traveling with be a carry-on. Let's check out what Simon's friend "Ned." said.

Ned became a current advocate for carry-on travel and for Red Oxx when he purchased an Air Boss. He appreciated that the Oxx's motto is about "Quality Luggage in the Spirit of Adventure" and was impressed that this spirit is driven by Marine parachute stitchers, known as riggers. Ned said this spirit should be taken very seriously.

He was particularly taken by the fact that Red Oxx bags are hand-made in Montana, that by employing local folks, they help keep jobs in the U.S.A. To top it off he said the bag is handsome indeed. This, especially in lieu that Ned's tastes tend to the "more stylishly, even fogeyishly durable."

Ned's also a free arms and anti-dragger fellow, preferring to carry his luggage instead going the wheeled luggage route. Ned summed up his adoration for the Air Boss:

"Tough, sensibly compartmentalized and cleverly adorned with handles and straps for every occasion, it's a real man bag, not the metro-sexual imitation. One gets the feeling it could survive shelling."

Ned also added a few tips and tricks on traveling light. Sarongs were favored as multi-function, lightweight and easily packed travel accessories. Useful as picnic or beach rugs or even personal room decorations. A nice little personal tip was the mention of taking along a photo of his partner, dog and horses. He felt it was comforting.

Ned will be leaving soon for his overseas 6-week academic sabbatical. We'll be sure to catch up with him when he reports. Thanks to Simon's friend Ned. We promise not to tell the wife about his secret purchases.

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