Missionary Testifies Gator EDC Bag is Resilient

Missionary Testifies Gator EDC Bag is Resilient

18 Months on a Mission, Gator Gobbles it all

Rebekah Hartshorn serves as a missionary and has found a need for a bag that can carry all her day time necessities. She discovered the Gator lives up to its reputation: A bag that can take it all and then some. Here's her "confessional".

Journal Entry: I spent a year and a half on a volunteer, full-time mission for my church to serve and preach the gospel to the people of Louisiana. Since, as a missionary, you're out there all day, every day, often without going back to your apartment until the day is over, I needed a bag that would hold everything I needed for the day. You are also very busy and don't have time or resources to fix or replace a broken bag.

On a daily basis, it held my scriptures, a handbook, materials to give away, water, snacks, my camera, a notebook and pens. On an especially busy day, the carry-load was about doubled, and the Gator held it all. If anything I was too weak for all that could fit inside it, and the single strap did end up wearing a lot on my shoulder after a year and a half.

I don't think a day went by for that whole 18 months, where my Red Oxx Gator Bag wasn't there, alongside me with everything that I might possibly need to do what I do. It held up to spontaneous and furious rainstorms, children, dogs, cats, travel, meetings, walking, biking, and driving all over Louisiana.

Now that I'm home and I've the opportunity to try other bags again, I've realized what a difference Red Oxx is. I've become a loyal fan and discovered that I can't really stomach other, less resilient bags.

We wouldn't, nay, couldn't stomach it if you went to any other bag other than another Red Oxx Bag, either. Rebekah gets her choice of a Market Tote or a Rigger Wallet for entering and being selected for publication her Adventure Journal. What's your adventure story?

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