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Lucky 13 – Red Oxx Adds Orange to Bag Color Wheel

Lucky 13 – Red Oxx Adds Orange to Bag Color Wheel


RESPLENDENT. Defined as "Shiny and colorful, and thus pleasing to the eye."

That’s the description our Customer Care department proclaimed upon announcement of the permanent addition of Orange to the Red Oxx Luggage Color Wheel. For decades Red Oxx offered a dozen vibrant colors for nearly the entire bag line.

Throughout 2018-19 Red Oxx introduced a number of exotic specialty colors for the Red Oxx Red Eye Collective Special Editions. Teal, Coffee, Lime, Hot Pink and Orange had their brief day shining brightly in the sun.

Now Red Oxx has brought back the most popular of these specialty colors and made it a member of the daily Red Oxx pantheon.


Orange is a fabulous color choice for your favorite bag, here’s why…

– Adds a hint of safety without appearing garish, Orange just plain works.

– Choose it for your carry-on bag. It’ll leap off the baggage belt.

– Try Orange on a rucksack so you can be seen walking, riding your bike, or hiking in the wilderness, comfortable knowing if you get lost, you’ll be seen.

– Make it your kid’s backpack flavor and feel serene drivers will spot them crossing the street.

– Liven up your grocery shopping with an Orange Tote. Careful, you might pack it full of… oranges!

– Make a bold statement at your company meetings with an Orange Laptop Briefcase or C.C. Rider Messenger Bag.

– Choose Orange for a Lil Roy EDC Caché Bag so you can easily find it in the trunk of your vehicle.

– Pick Orange for your Nomad or Tri-fold Toiletry Kit. It’ll pop out from inside the depths of your travel bag.

– Orange makes a superior color for any Everyday Carry Bag. You’ll always know "That’s my EDC bag"!

Whether you select Orange for your next Expedition Cargo Bag, or simply prefer a flashy Chica purse, you can’t go wrong with Red Oxx Orange.

Pick Orange for your next Red Oxx Bag.
Pick Orange for your next Red Oxx Bag.


One of the reasons Red Oxx chose Orange as a new permanent bag color was the news from the Mill that Saffron was discontinued. Fear not, mellow yellow fans, we were able to nab enough Saffron left over to last a while.

However, If you’re a big fan of this bright color you might consider fulfilling your dream of completing your Red Oxx Collection in Saffron now. There is no guarantee a corporate customer won’t roll in and gobble up the last of Saffron.

There will be some Saffron material reserved for any (heaven forbid) future warranty work (as if!).

Sam checks her train schedule with her Saffron Maximum Utility Travel Tote at hand
Sam checks her train schedule, Saffron M.U.T.T. at hand.

Regardless, Red Oxx wants our faithful customers to know what’s going on when it comes to their favorite bag colors. That said…


    "Down in a green and shady bed, a modest violet grew. Its stalk was bent, it hung its head, as if to hide from view."

Jane Taylor’s famous poem about violets is apt in the announcement that this color was indeed, struck from view.

Sadly, if Violet was your favorite bag color the news is: there is no more. Unlike Saffron, we were not able to procure any more despite a last ditch effort.

The good news is that there’s a close Violet replacement named Iris that’s now available. It’s a shade darker, bolder, think "royal purple" in tone. Iris is blooming upon the Red Oxx Luggage Color Wheel right now.
Red Oxx CPA Laptop Briefcase in Iris.
Red Oxx CPA Laptop Briefcase in Iris.

As stated, Red Oxx always sets aside a portion of our fabric rolls for bags that may experience repair issues. If you happen to have a Violet colored bag and you’ve got an issue, we’ll repair it using the exact same color.

Red Oxx Bags are now available in Orange
Orange you glad it’s back?

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