Air Boss Gives “Analytical” Review of Red Oxx Sky Train Gives “Analytical” Review of Red Oxx Sky Train

Once in a while we run across someone who’s a lot like a some of us. In this case, the blog (pronounced CHOWTIME, like ring the dinner bell and get some chow). is run by Stephanie, a writer who professes to have an "analytical mind". Analytical is an adjective that means skilled in using reasoning.

In her own words, "I have an analytical mind and make my living running a marketing analytics team at a Fortune 300 company. I write about whatever topic has a choke hold on my brain and always strive to be either succinct and/or insightful."

Hmm, sounds a bit like our very own Minister of Information.

Chautime’s writer likes to take their analytical mind and apply it to a variety of things. In this case they wrote up a gear review about our Sky Train Convertible Hybrid Carry-on Bag. Chautime’s writer loves to travel and like many former wheel-bound bag travelers, they made the discovery of carry-on travel-lite philosophy at


"I find as I get older, everything is a bit of a hassle, particularly with the airport experience. Dragging a big rolling bag, navigating it through unpaved terrain, overpacking (as usual), not using half the stuff that I brought, etc."

So why choose a Red Oxx Carry-on Bag? Chautime says, "…what sets this luggage apart from most is the organization and thoughtfulness of every section and every pocket. Everything from the grab handle to the color of the inside is very purposeful and well thought out." As far as deciding between the Air Boss Carry-on and the Sky Train, Chautime’s writer said, "I ended up choosing the Sky Train because it has hideaway backpack straps, for even more convenience in carrying modes."


Periodically, someone will ask us what on earth a Euro Handle is? Like many features of our bags, the unusual Euro Handle will win you over with its functionality. Said Chautime, "Check out the grab handle. It’s plastic tubing. I’ve never seen anything like that in any luggage. At first I thought it was a major eyesore and just too strange. I got over it quickly because it’s so comfortable to hold. It’s the right diameter and my hand can get a really good grip on it."

Yeah, we thought so, too.

Chautime was shocked by our selection of a brightly colored lining, selected to improve visibility within the bag. "This bright lining allows you to find stuff inside very easily. Note: There is no color options for the lining. No matter what outside color you get, the inside is bright freaking red. Trust me, it’ll grow on you."


It seems that all of a sudden, everyone now sells a carry-on bag with backpack straps. Here at Red Oxx we took the idea one step further and developed a "smuggler’s pocket" to hide the straps when they’re not in use. Said Chautime’s writer, "Clever how everything tucks away until you need it. Very simple to unzip, pull out the straps, pull out the 2 side rings and attach."

"Backpack adjustments are easy. The mechanism is metal so it won’t break over time. This also shows the nice padding on the strap. Pretty comfortable."


So what was the final opinion? Chautime’s writer concluded, "Overall, this is a terrific bag and I look forward to using it for many years to come." Check out their cool blog and learn more about other Sky Train details Chautime swooned over here.

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