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Carry-on Family Enjoys Having Bags in Hand During European Vacation

Carry-on Family Enjoys Having Bags in Hand During European Vacation
The Akers family really loves their Red Oxx bags. So much that they outfitted their two lovely daughters with our gear. As soon as they got home they just had to tell us all about their trip. Without further ado, find out how easy it can be to carry-on Europe.

Dear Red Oxx,
I’ll admit, I’m not a first-time user. I used to travel a lot for work, and happily did so with an Air Boss (I still love – and still have – that bag).

Recently, my wife and I decided to take our two girls (ages 10 and 4) on a two-week trip to Europe. We wanted to be able to pack light so that we could hop on cheap flights and last-minute trains and see as much of the continent as we could during our vacation. I automatically thought of Red Oxx.

As much as I love my Air Boss, I knew we needed something with backpack straps, so we ordered a Sky Train and a C-Ruck (both in Safari to match the Air Boss). You can imagine my joy when we were able to fit all of our clothes into the Sky Train, plus an extra pair of shoes and some snacks in the C-Ruck Rucksack (this saved some extra room for souvenirs on the way home).

During our trip, we visited Italy, France, Germany, Belgium and England.
Akers took their Red Oxx Gear to Paris
Akers took their Red Oxx Gear to Paris

We just got home and I couldn’t wait to write you. Over the last two weeks, we were on numerous planes, trains, cars and subways – not to mention the uncounted miles my wife and I walked with these bags on our backs. Only once did I put my Sky Train in the overhead bin – and I’m glad I did, because it ended up taking 13.5 hours to get from London to Dallas, and I enjoyed having the legroom. Otherwise, we were happy stashing both bags under the seats in front of us.
When in Rome do as the Akers do
When in Rome do as the Akers do

It was so convenient having our bags at our disposal; there were some very tight connections that would not have been possible if we had checked bags. Additionally, there were times that we were able to squeeze into elevators, cars and subways with just these two backpacks where we would not have been able to do so with roller bags.

Bundle packing is a must, and these bags are perfect for handling the bundles. It’s also worth mentioning that packing light has to be intentional. We had so much room in these bags that we could have packed more, but we were very comfortable with what we had.
Akers family in Europe
Akers family in Europe

We love these bags, and despite the abuse they’ve taken, they still look as good as they did when we first took them out of the box. These are going to last us – and our kids, and probably their kids – for a long time! We look forward to many more travels with them.

Bon voyage!
Clay & Nicole Akers
What a wonderful family journey. Digging those family portraits! For telling his story, Clay gets to enjoy a Market Tote. You too, can get a free Market Tote. Send us your Adventure Journal today! Cheers, Jim Markel, CEO

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