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Why a Rectangular Bag Will Pack More Stuff

As featured in the St. Petersburg News

Scripps News Service Highlights the Air Boss

How can a rectangular carry-on bag pack more items than a curvy bag? Nicole Hutcheson of the St. Petersburg Times asked Doug Dyment of what his recommendations were for a carry-on bag and why. Recently, Dyment traveled for two weeks in Moscow and Delhi. It’s no secret he did it with just one carry-on bag. What with airlines charging more than $15 for one bag, $25 for two, traveling the one bag way is the new trend.

Doug said,

"For most airlines, a carry-on should be no larger than 45-inches. There are some smaller exceptions. Shoot for soft, high-industrial nylon fabric bags. And it should be as rectangular as possible. Every curve that’s in your bag was made to look cool, not hold more stuff. So look for a bag with soft edges, like Red Oxx’s Air Boss. It’s a 5-star-rated bag that can easily handle all of your stuff."

Doug also suggested that travelers choose two compatible colors to ensure your outfits match. Fashion fans should pack lots of accessories and add pizazz to their limited selection of outfits. Better still, make use of the two pairs of shoes and stuff them with smaller items.