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What Makes the Metro Laptop Briefcase so Practical?

practicalhacks reviews the Red Oxx Metro Laptop Briefcase

Kevin at PracticalHacks, the website for better living says this… is a popular blog devoted to tips for better living. Everything from making beef jerky to strategies for surviving a recession. Blog Author Kevin C. took the opportunity to share with his readers his assessment of the Red Oxx Metro Laptop Briefcase AKA daily bag.

An avid fan of the Air Boss, Kevin was so impressed he purchased the Metro to replace his daily backpack. Kevin had this to say about the Metro.

“Simply put, this bag (like the Air Boss) is built like a brick house. The materials, build quality and attention to detail are superb. The D rings and shoulder strap latch are wildly over-spec’d – they look as though they’d last a lifetime, plus!”

Kevin went on to talk about the attention to detail, calling it “impressive.” He was especially impressed with the mil spec snaps on the front pockets that were, “…designed so that you can slip your finger or fingers behind the male half of the snap to facilitate closing it…”

Kevin went on to describe the bag’s interior, including discussion of the mesh dividers.

“One of these mesh dividers has a number of narrow pockets for pens. I was a bit concerned about that smaller items might come out of these pockets as none of them zip closed or have snaps or any sort of closure, but in a couple of months’ use this has never happened.”

Kevin was brutally honest about his recommended uses for the Metro, stating that, “If you work on Wall Street, this isn’t the bag for you. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but this – particularly in the safari color combo – has a workmanlike, utilitarian look to it.” Kevin also recommended that Red Oxx include a key retainer inside the bag. Though he went on to bemoan that sometimes he wishes the bag were larger, he did point out that it limits his carrying more, a good thing. For those interested in a slightly larger briefcase, there’s the CPA, double the width of the Metro.

“I think it’s worth every penny. Every time I close one of the zippers, look at the hardware on the bag, or hoist the strap onto my shoulder, I appreciate the build quality and feel of this bag. It’s that nice.”

There’s several contributors in the comments section, one went on to say Red Oxx Gear is “BOMBPROOF.”

Well there is one thing to having been in the Marines, you want your gear to definitely be “bombproof” or nearly so if you get our drift. Check out the entire article at where you can also see several detailed pictures Kevin took. Thanks Kevin for the great review! ~ Jim Markel, CEO