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Travel Insider Gives Beanos Duffel a Workout

travel insider reviews Beanos Duffel

A Very Impressive Range of Bags.

Red Oxx Safari Beano 5.5 review from The Travel Insider

"No wheels and soft-sided, but lightweight and extremely rugged Red Oxx was founded by a former Green Beret Captain and parachute rigger. This background indelibly imprinted on him the overriding need for highest quality and reliability; attributes which have clearly carried over into the extraordinarily robust range of duffel bags the company manufactures."

"These bags are obviously not wheeled carry-on bags, but we include a review of one of their product range because we are very impressed with the rugged reliability of these bags and their matching robust warranty."

"Best of all, these bags, without hard sides, or wheels, or carry handles, are wonderfully light. If you’re struggling to get your checked bag’s weight down to the new 50lb limit most airlines are enforcing, then using this bag can save you at least 10lbs compared to a regular wheeled suitcase."

So to sum up their review?

"All in all, this is a very impressive range of bags."