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Travel Basket Provides Organized Europe Trip

Travel Basket Provides Organized Europe Trip

Discover the Warm and Friendly Polish People.

Have you ever misplaced your keys? Lost your wallet or can’t find where you set down your sunglasses while staying in your hotel room? Red Oxx solved this problem by creating the indomitable Travel Basket. A simple personal item that easily packs flat in your bag and keeps all your pocket travel gear in one place. Just ask Doug McQuiston and his wife during their trip to Europe.

I traveled with my wife to Poland and Austria, from Krakow to Salzburg, including a drive through the Alps. I did not have my Travel Basket then, though I wish I had. The trip included a visit to Auschwitz and Mauthausen, both leaving an indelible mark on our souls. It is a trip every human should make once in their lives.

Travel 12 hour flight from Chicago to Krakow; flight from Krakow to Vienna; car from Vienna, through the Alps; including a stop in Hallstatt, to Salzburg, and return flight from Salzburg to USA.

Discoveries? The wonderful, warm, and friendly Polish people, amazing sights in the Alps, and an unforgettable experience seeing first-hand the awful, immense, scope of the Holocaust.

Doug McQuiston
Because Doug generously shared his adventure journal submission, Doug gets his choice of Rigger Wallet or Market Tote. When will we hear about about