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How to Survive the Black Friday Apocalypse

Spending time with family and friends - priceless.

A letter from CEO Jim Markel regarding Black Friday

Every year as the holidays come rushing upon us, I’m amazed at the pace of life here at Red Oxx. This year we have a lot to be thankful for. Our new Factory 8 expansion has been coming along online and production output is on the rise. We have hired a small host of great new people into the company that bring with them a fresh new vitality to getting things done. The steady click and tap of the builders as they go about the tasks of the day tracks along in a Zen-like moment, almost like a symphony.

Of course we are most thankful to you, our customers the world over. We know you’re more than likely heading out on the road to visit the family and friends that have long been missed.

We too, will be taking a break from the melee that is Black Friday and will enjoy building better relationships with people we’re spending holiday time with. I bid you safe travels and happy holidays from all the folks here at Red Oxx.

Cheers, Jim