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Sky Train Really is a Backpack and a Carry-on Bag in One

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Take Your Clothes With You on Tour Hiking. You’ll Need Them

Andrea took his Sky Train Carry-on Bag and used it to go hiking and touring in Patagonia. Rough weather that changed every few minutes kept him on his feet changing out his cloths. Having the Sky Train with him and using it’s retractable backpack straps was a real life-saver. Let’s find out what fun things he did with his Sky Train at hand.

My story starts almost exactly 1 year ago. I led a group to Santiago, Chile on business. We had a free Saturday so we took the gondola to the top of San Cristobal hill. The whole city was laid out below the hill and in the distance I could see the Andes rising up. Man, I really wanted to get a closer look at the Andes! And when I got home, there was a brochure for a study tour of Chilean Patagonia from the lake district down to the Strait of Magellin. Sign me up!

The tour was awesome! We hiked. We climbed. We white water rafted. We went horse back riding. Ok… I rode in the buggy with the wimps, but you get the idea. We saw exotic birds and fish, plants and animals. Yes, penguins are as cute as you think they are. And I lost count of the number of volcano’s we observed.

My Sky Train was awesome! It was luggage. It was a back pack. In Torres del Paine, they say you can get all 4 seasons in a day. How about in 15 minutes? On one climb we encountered hail, sun, rain, wind, warm and cold over and over in the course of the day so I constantly needed to put on and take off gear. My Sky Train was perfect.

I got lots of compliments on that bag through the trip. It was a perfect "all purpose" bag.

Mostly we flew or took buses and vans. The picture of the