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Sky Train Packs SCUBA Gear for Two to New Zealand

Chris and Sarah Barnes

Clothes? Check. SCUBA Gear? Check. One Month Vacation? Check.

Chris and Sarah Barnes are now true believers in the one bag travel philosophy. Sarah took some convincing because she likes to bring her "goods." But after packing their cloths and their SCUBA gear in their pair of Sky Trains and living out of them for a month, she’s convinced one bag travel is the way to go. An now the Sky Train has a new nickname: "Personal Sherpa."

Dear Red Oxx, We took two pieces of luggage for a month of travel. I brought a Mariner and my wife an Olive Sky Train.

The Sky Trains took my wife and I on a great trip through New Zealand and southern Thailand. We both bought a Sky Train and took that as our only luggage. I say "bought" but we felt like we hired our own personal sherpa to carry our things. She was skeptical about taking one (carry-on only) bag as she likes to bring a lot of stuff. The airport customer service rep had an apologetic look when he asked "What are the chances you only have carry-on bags?" YES! He re-booked us and we were off to New Zealand followed by southern Thailand.

The Sky Train is amazing. We frequently commented on how rugged and spacious it is. It always had room for more. We were amazed at how durable it was. In addition to clothes, the Sky Train gladly accepted our masks, snorkels and booties for SCUBA diving, electrical converter and hairdryer, books, maps, travel journals, medicines, toiletries, sketch book and pencils, pairs of shoes, a hip/butt pack we used for shorter day tramps, and small souvenirs we picked up for friends and family. We had praise from several people we met that were shocked we each had only one bag.

We used the space that stows the backpack straps to hide our travelers check receipts. The soft sides make it compressible in tight overhead storage bins. The remarkable thick sturdy zippers held a good deal of internal force. There are lots of handles and straps to choose from and the monkey fists made quick zipping easy. The backpack straps were surprisingly comfortable on the shoulders.

Our adventure included 11 Flights, numerous van and bus transfers, two boats and one train. The Sky Train ate it up and wanted to keep going. Alas my wife and I only had a month abroad.

We learned to surf in Christchurch New Zealand and recommend Elephant driving in Thailand was great stuff. We went SCUBA diving in Koh Lanta, Thailand on the Andaman sea. We recommend We’ve already turned on other customers to your travel bags and will purchase more in the future. I’ve attached a photo of my wife and I in Picton, New Zealand. Merry travel and happy journeys from two impressed lifetime customers.

Chris and Sarah Barnes, Denver, CO
Awesome to hear our popular Sky Train has what is takes to pack not only your cloths, but your SCUBA Gear AND still fit in the overhead bins! People like you are making believers out of checked luggage travelers that packing with only one bag is the only way to travel the world. Thanks for the praise.
~Cheers, Jim Markel, CEO