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Rucksack Games Safari in Namibia

Red Oxx Ruck Sacks Rock on Safari

Kyler Hamann gave his Red Oxx bags a beating in Namibia, and they’re still holding strong. Here’s what Kyler wrote us:
Dear Friends,

We just returned from a photo safari in Namibia for plains animals with Namibia Safaris. We took a total of three Red Oxx bags and they performed flawlessly. Thanks for the great products.

We also got many nice comments on wearing your new logo T-Shirts. They even drew positive attention in the airport in Capetown, South Africa.

I’ve enclosed photos of my Rucksack in action.

We took our Red Oxx bags to Zimbabwe for buffalo and plains photography last year and will take them again to Zimbabwe next year for looking for elephant. Keep up the great work.


Kyler Hamann

Boaring Experiences LLC

Congratulations, Kyler. Enjoy your Red Oxx Travel bag. Cheers, Jim Markel CEO