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Right-size Bag for a Summertime Baseball Adventure

Gathered round the bronze catcher outside the Major Leage Baseball Hall of Fame

It’s Summer Time, and We’re Thinking About Baseball and Great Moments Shared Between Dads and Sons.

Adventure Journalists have posed in a great many exotic settings over the years. But there’ll be no Dutch cobblestone lanes or Kenyan camels or Siberian choppers this time around. And no Mexican pyramids, either.

Heading into the 4th of July weekend, we received this letter from John Cage. Now this is America, baby. Can you smell the hot dogs from outside the ballpark? Can you see the pitcher warming up, and guys milling around in the dug-out, as father and sons find their seats?

Dear Red Oxx,

Enclosed is the picture of a bronze statue of a "catcher" at the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y.

We had a great trip and the airport security guys loved the Gator bag. They thought it was "cool" at the LaGuardia Airport.

It was just the right size to carry my stuff and helped me keep this stuff to a minimum. I have the title "Big Bag Cage" from my two boys, so this helped keep the title at bay.

Sorry I couldn’t get you a picture of this bag in Yankee Stadium but the security was too tight (Vice-President Cheney was there).

I look forward to a lifetime of use of this bag.

Thanks again to you and the production team for going the extra mile to get the bag to me in time for the trip.

John Bright Cage

Thank you for writing, John. Don’t give up the "Big Bag Cage" title just yet.