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Travel Totes Get a G’day from Down Under

Red Oxx Market Tote Meets Kangaroo

The Many Faces of the Versatile Tote Bag.

Mixing work with adventure, Mary Tung and her husband Kevin visited Australia, the land "down undah." They carried their Red Oxx Travel Totes everywhere. They found them to be perfect travel companions, as rugged as the continent they toured. Read on and discover why Red Oxx is Australian for "Luggage."

Dear Jim,
I’m not exactly the adventure type, but I needed some durable, multi-purpose travel bags for a combined three-week business trip and vacation. Since I had to attend the Australia International Air Show for work, my husband and I decided to also explore Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sydney.

Can you fit a Kangaroo in a Tote and take him home?
Can you fit a Kangaroo in a Tote and take him home?

After researching and reading numerous luggage reviews, I decided on rugged Red Oxx Travel Luggage. I purchased two Travel Tote Bags in black and burgundy (my favorite colors), a burgundy Safari Beano Airline Carry-on Suitcase and Lil Roy Cables and Chargers Bag. Let me tell you, they were absolutely fabulous! The Safari Beano’s held a ton and was super sturdy as a carry-on bag.

Red Oxx and 12 Apostles
Red Oxx and 12 Apostles

We used the Lil Roy to hold our Palm Pilot, Blackberry, iPods and cell phones. It made for a great gadget bag. It’s so compact we stashed it into hotel safes when we went out to dinner or tucked it in the Travel Totes, which I carried everywhere! The black Tote Bag came with me to the air show everyday for a week. It easily held all my business files, giveaways, handouts, etc. The black color looked quite professional, matching my suits. It folded up nicely when I packed away my business attire.

Red Oxx Down Under

During our vacation, we used the Tote as a grocery bag, shopping bag, beach bag, and day bag. We stuffed our jackets, beachwear, snacks, water, tour books/novels, and souvenirs in it. It’s a wonderful multi-purpose Tote. I never worried about seams ripping or the bottom falling out; like with other Totes. The Tote Bag’s size was perfect and the long handles were a great shoulder fit for us.

My husband initially laughed at me when I snapped a picture of it, but then it became a game and we took photos of the Tote Bag at the Twelve Apostles (now only 7, I think) in Port Campbell National Park on the Great Ocean Road Drive in Victoria, nestled with Kangaroos at Lone Pine Koala and Wildlife Sanctuary in Brisbane, on multiple ferries, before the Sydney Opera House, and along the twelve kilometer three-and-a-half hour Bondi Beach Coastal Walk. Your Travel Tote Bags went with us everywhere.

Thanks Jim, for making such sturdy and useful travel gear, even for us non-rugged types.

Mary Tung and Kevin Moore

P.S. I wished I’d ordered two of your Travel Trays. They would’ve provided much needed organization in the many different hotels we stayed at . . . two Key Trays will be in my next order.

Thanks Mary, we love the pictures of our Tote Bags with the Kangaroos. Making a game of photographing our Red Oxx gear mixing it up with the local wildlife and the scenery from down under was way cool! Cheers, Jim Markel CEO