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Red Oxx Railroad Gear Brings Comfort to a Life on the Rails


Bradley is a proud member of the Brotherhood of Railroaders that make up a large portion of the Red Oxx Herd. Red Oxx delivered the first Railroad Grip to local railroad engineers back in 1994 and we’ve been "riding the rails" ever since. Brad mentioned he "sees a lot of pretty stuff" that most people don’t see. We hope he’ll share more of these intriguing pretty images some day. Here’s Brad with his "Honorable Mention" Summer Adventure Submission:

On Call for Riding the Rails

My adventure starts when my phone rings. I get a call, hug the family and grab my Rail King II. Once I have arrived at work I load up on an engine and haul freight 200+ miles north.

I have a bag that is as tough as that engine and very dependable. I see some pretty stuff, stuff a lot of folks can’t see, simply because I’m on the rail but I know that for the duration of my travels and time away from home all I have to do is open up my Rail King II and everything I need is right there, with plenty of room.

There are times it gets a little heavy, but those padded suede straps make carrying the bag extremely comfortable. This bag is tough, heavy duty and one I would take and use anywhere, not just for work but for any adventure I had.