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Expedition Luggage Stacks up to Abuse

Red Oxx Luggage Stacks Up to Abuse

Why Not Take Your Red Oxx Travel Bags Hunting?

Rudy Johnstone likes to hunt. Like many customers at Red Oxx, he travels the world’s continents hunting in Africa and South America. We like how he stacks up his luggage and how it can take the abuse of traveling from one continent on one side of the world, all the way over to another continent on the other side of the world. That is some compliment.

Dear Jim,
My wife and I both have and have used Red Oxx Luggage extensively since we bought our first two pieces in 2002 at the Safari Club in Reno. As you can see, we have added many more pieces to our complement of luggage since then.

I have been meaning to send you these photos for some time. Thought you might like to see them. One is from the Saxon Hotel in Johannesburg, South Africa while on our way back to the US after six weeks in Africa. We visited South Africa, Namibia, Zambia and Tanzania. We spent our time hunting, fishing and enjoying that part of the world.

The second photo is from our trip to Patagonia and Argentina to hunt Red Stag and Wild Boar. The luggage is superb. It handles the travel abuse well and maintains the contents in good order. You have an excellent product.

Many thanks and very best regards,

Rudy Johnstone

Thanks Rudy! Looks like our luggage "stacks up" to your expectations. Hope you got your stag and wild boar. You know me, I love a good meal and venison is the best meat there is.