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Red Oxx Factory #8 Renovation Makes News

Red Oxx Factory Renovation Makes News

Are Recycled Building Materials Sparking a Construction Revolution?

Our new factory renovation project garnered up some news shortly after we moved in at the beginning of October 2012. Jan Falstad for the Billings Gazette, wrote up a front page feature article and included a number of spectacular photos. Here’s the opening of the article to get you started…

Red Oxx Nearly Done with New Factory

Having a developer insist on using his 20-year
collection of "good junk" to rehabilitate an
old warehouse and being involved in daily
construction can result in artistic chaos.

But the recipe has worked at Red Oxx
Manufacturing, where co-owners Jim Markel
and Perry Jones spent more than $1 million
transforming an old bearing shop at 1123
Second Ave. N., into one cool luggage factory.
Read up on the rest of the Red Oxx factory feature article, check out the outstanding images, and watch the neat little video.

Cheers ~ Jim Markel, CEO

Photo and sample of article reprinted with permission from the Billings Gazette.