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Gator EDC Bag Keeps a Keepsake Safe

Idske Resink

A Gator Bag Helps Get A Man Married

Thijs Resink and his girlfriend Idske came all the way over from the Netherlands to tour the beautiful parks of America. They kept it simple and traveled light, carrying only a Gator and a Tri-fold Shave Kit. At a quiet little inn, Thijs popped the question. Let’s find out what Idske said.

We went to see Northern California in the fall of 2007. Not exactly a rugged survival tour, but for us Dutch, quite a distance from Amsterdam to San Francisco. During the two weeks that we were there, the Gator never left my side, from SF to Monterrey to Yosemite and from the great National Park through Sacramento, Mendocino and Napa Valley back to the Bay.

The clever, not too little, carrier can eat so much more. The obvious camera gear is kept safe because of the padding, which is just right. Actually, when at home in Leiden, it carries my laptop on a day-to-day basis. That one fits snugly. But on this trip, the Gator kept sunglasses, a guidebook, paperwork, my wallet, my girlfriend Idske’s wallet, writing gear, telephones and other stuff very well organized. And there was room left for more: some lunch and drinks were no problem.

Thijs Resink and his Red Oxx Gator Bag
What a view.

The thing with this bag is that it’s on a different level: the Gator is so good, "space-efficient" and well-build that you can put more mass in there than you would need on a sunny autumn day in Yosemite National Park. Should you be tempted to over pack, do not worry, the Gator will eat it and NOT break! The fabulous