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Air Boss Carry-on Bag Proves it’s Mission Worthy

Marvin Dunbar and son

Give The Gift That Keeps On Giving, Red Oxx Travel Gear.

Red Oxx Air Boss Carry-on Bags are not only perfect for travel, they also make perfect birthday presents. It used to be when a boy turned 18 and became a man, he might get a car, nowadays a young man’s heart turns to air travel and he gets an Air Boss Carry-on Bag. Hey, see main street cruising or you can see the world. Just ask Marvin Dunbar who hops the five continents doing medical mission work and takes his Air Boss Carry-on with him on every flight.

Dear Jim,

My son just turned 18 and he asked for Red Oxx Air Boss Carry-on Luggage for his birthday. I have had mine since last year. Daniel has borrowed it several times. This was his choice.

I am an emergency medicine doctor who changed from my first profession of veterinary medicine to do mission work. Since my first trip in the 90’s, I have journeyed on over twenty international mission trips on five continents and hope to do many more. My son has been with me on nine trips so far. I have tried many different travel bags and have found Air Boss Carry-on Luggage to be superior in many ways to the other flight bags I have used.

Last month, while we were traveling to Poland and going through security at LHR, there were two people stopped because their carry-on bags were too large to go into the carry-on bag metal cage. I had my Air Boss bag pretty stuffed. However, because it had no bulky internal frame or wheels, I could "make it fit." They had to check in their luggage onto the flight while I slipped easily through. Actually, I had a lot more in my carry-on bag anyway!

This summer, my son and I are leaving for Asia and Europe on more mission trips. We have scheduled fifteen flights, will travel through nine countries and spend almost sixty hours in the air. Trust me, our Air Bosses will be with us the whole way.

PS. If you ever have a few hours to layover in London at LHR, get a cab or catch a bus to the Windsor Castle. It is not far away and well worth the effort.

Marvin Dunbar

Great news about our Red Oxx Air Boss fitting the airline carry on restrictions box, even stuffed to the gills! We’re glad to see our luggage put to good use and salute your missionary work. Come back down the road and let us know how our travel bags hold up. Hopping every continent on the planet will be an ideal test of durability. So, can anyone think of a better birthday present than a Red Oxx Bag? Cheers, Jim Markel CEO