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Air Boss Carry-on Flies to the Red Country

jeff wragg in China

Air Boss Holds Its Own, Packing Everything Needed To Teach In China.

Can you imagine traveling to China with just one piece of luggage? Then living out of that one piece of luggage for half a year educating children? Well Jeff Wragg has reason to brag, he lived out of just one bag. They don’t call it the Air BOSS for nothing!

Dear Mr. Markel,
I went to China for six months. The Air Boss was the only travel bag I took, much to the amazement of people I traveled with briefly. I taught children English in Fuling, central China in July, and at Yangtze Normal University, during the fall term.

I traveled by air to China, and while in China I flew, rode on trains, in taxis, and public bus. My biggest discovery was kindness. Everyone was wonderful. Even my two hospital stays (not related to any Chinese issues) proved to be valuable experiences.
Jeff Wragg
Charleston, South Carolina

Mr. Wragg, whew! Planes, trains and automobiles. Just like the movie, except you did them one better. Instead of living out of a car, you lived out of a bag. We can only imagine you are one expert at packing luggage. Well done!
Cheers, Jim Markel