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Air Boss Bag & Gator EDC vs. a Sinai Sandstorm

Jay O'Rear

Round The World In Two Carry-on Bags.

While on a globe-trotting adventure, Jay O’Rear tests the sturdy durability, and ultimate versatility of Red Oxx Adventure Travel Gear while immersed within urban jungle and desert safari.

I spent months prior to my recent round-the-world trip looking for the perfect carry-on luggage setup. I left San Francisco headed for Japan, Kenya, and Egypt with everything I would need for six weeks in my new Air Boss Carry-on and Gator Travel Bag. In one of the >Red Oxx Air Boss Carry-on Bag’s side compartments I kept a silk dinner jacket and slacks for dressing up; on the other side, T-shirts, hiking pants, and a couple of fleeces. In the middle compartment, everything from my phone charger to video iPod to shaving kit.

The >Gator EDC Bag was the perfect walkabout accessory for the streets of Tokyo, functional without screaming, "I’m a tourist." And the Air Boss really shone while on desert safari in the Sinai; its soft construction made camel portage a breeze, and my travel companions, most of whom were using heavy, wheeled duffels, looked on in envy. In the included photo I’m hiding out in my Bedouin tent while a sandstorm rages outside.

One of the coolest lessons of my trip is that you can do a RTW with only carry-on, and RedOxx made it easy. You definitely have a customer for life.

Jay O’Rear

Wow Jay, I’d say we’re jealous. It sounds like your carry-on luggage was everything you (and us) hoped it would be. You proved to the world, and we mean that literally, Red Oxx Adventure Gear is the only choice for light travel, able to survive even harsh desert conditions with style, space, and grace. BTW – here’s a cleaning tip for dusty bags. Use an air compressor to blast out the dust from the seams then dump the bag in a bucket or the tub, grab a nylon brush and scrub away. Rinse bag under cold water, hang to dry.