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What’s a 10 Second Acid Test? Spotlights Spotlights as Case Study In Successful Internet Marketing CEO Peter Horan spotted something unusual at an apparently successful ecommerce retailer, yes, but more than that. Here was a manufacturer in the heartland of America with a good story — and a sense of "realness" that can be missing from many Dot Com storefronts. That down-to-earth feel came through each page of the website, so Horan sent a reporter to Billings to find out more.

The result of that visit is a video interview with Red Oxx’s co-owner Jim Markel. Presently featured on the home page of, the profile is one of a select number being created about entrepreneurs who are growing companies on-line, and shedding "small business" limitations in a big business, global Internet competitive environment.

For Red Oxx, one edge has been a customer base that actively shares adventure stories and luggage tips with other customers on the company’s website. The "Free Gear Winner" feature has run for several years, and is just one part of the authenticity that makes the Red Oxx brand one that’s trusted by those who want the best.

"Red Oxx, what you see on-line, what you see is what you get. It is what it is," said Markel.

"Having that willingness to let your company’s true nature come true, it just speaks to the kind of authenticity that web shoppers crave," added E-business Coach consultant Patrick Pitman. E-business Coach has worked with Red Oxx since 2001, and its e-commerce software platform has powered since the fall of 2003.

Listen to Markel and Pitman share what’s worked for Red Oxx, and learn about a 10 second acid test you can apply to your own website home page: