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Possibles Pouches Endless Possibilities

Craigs Red Oxx Possibles PouchCraigs Red Oxx Possibles Pouch

“This story isn’t really a Summer Adventure, it’s more of a Year (and counting) Adventure.” Or so reports Craig M. in the opening line to his Summer Adventure Journal Contest entry. Like any good problem, and yes there are good ones, Craig enjoys collecting Red Oxx Gear for himself and his family. In this case, however, his First Place Prize is not a Red Oxx item. Craig will get to relax in his new Helinox Large Chair One portable camp chair. We liked the fact that a piece of our gear gave him peace-of-mind during a time of trouble. Here’s Craig posing comfortably with his new chair.

Craig poses with his new Helinox Chair
Craig comfortable in his Helinox 1st Place Prize Chair.

When a Problem is a Good Thing

I’ll start off by saying I have a Red Oxx problem. Here are the bags we own in our family:

However, it’s the one “bag” I didn’t mention that was constantly with me on my Year (and counting) Adventure: The tiny little Possibles Pouch. (NOTE: the Pouch was a Limited Edition item and has been discontinued.)

I first purchased the Possibles Pouch as an add-on to an order I was placing with Red Oxx a couple of years ago. I ordered it simply to get me above the minimum order amount for free shipping, although I was sure I could use it for something.

Could it be… Possibly?

Well, it turned out that I didn’t end up using it for anything and it sat in a drawer for several months. Then March 2020 hit and I found a good use for it.

In March of 2020 the pandemic changed everything. All of a sudden many of us were nervous about being around people, breathing, and touching things. The information about what was safe and what wasn’t safe seemed to change day by day. We had to wear masks everywhere we went. We had many rational and irrational concerns.

One of my (possibly irrational) concerns had to do with putting my mask down when I wasn’t wearing it. I was worried that every surface could be contaminated from other things touching them, and therefore those surfaces could contaminate my mask. My car seat. A table. A drawer. A desk. My pocket. The inside of my bags. Every surface had the potential for contamination and therefore could contaminate my mask if it touched them.

Possibly a Safe Place?

That’s when my Possibles Pouch came into play. It became my “safe-place” to store my mask when I took it off when I was traveling. The only thing that ever went inside the Possibles Pouch was my mask, so I felt comfort knowing that I wasn’t cross-contaminating my mask with other items.

The Possibles Pouch sat in the cup holder of my car. It would go in my pocket when I had to go somewhere. It also went inside any other Red Oxx bags when I would be travelling or commuting. The Possibles Pouch went everywhere I went. If I needed to take my mask off I would put the mask inside of it.

So, the Possibles Pouch became my constant companion and gave me some peace of mind during a very crazy time. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I no longer need it for the purpose described above, but as of now my Possibles Pouch still goes everywhere I go.

Thanks Red Oxx!
~ Craig

Well we are sure glad to see your Possibles Pouch becoming a constant EDC companion to provide you with peace of mind. We like to think that’s the case with all of our gear – providing you with peace of mind. On that note, due to the fact that our Fabric Mill no longer makes the digital Tigerstripe camo fabric pattern used for the pouch, this piece of gear is discontinued. R.I.P. little Possibles Pouch!
~ Cheers, Jim Markel CEO