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OxxFest IV: Annual Report, Prize Winners & Food Truck Favorites

Coloring Contest Winner - Amelia Nelson

Red Oxx’s annual customer appreciation and food truck roundup event went off without a hitch this year, the most attended and successful OxxFest to date. Customer care consultant Christian Hafer worked hard to coordinate the event, gathering a plethora of 15 flavorful food trucks, half dozen fabulous bands, an assortment of artistic vendors and a variety of fun-filled events for kids and adults alike.


The day began gloomy and cloudy but when School of Rock hit the stage they gave a lesson for how to rock the festival. The teenagers cranked out classics from Black Sabbath to Journey, setting the tone for the entire afternoon. Next up was Roy Buzzard and the Bones who dug deep into the history of Rock ‘n’ Roll with classics from Buddy Holly and more. Jared Kostrba and mandolin maestro David Cleaves stomped their way through the remainder of lunchtime as festival goers gobbled down their goodies.

Opening Band School of Rock sets the tone
Opening Band School of Rock sets the tone.

In between sets Red Oxx MC Howrad hit the stage and fired up several rounds of prize giveaways, tossing Red Oxx Travel Tray prizes like Frisbees into the eager ever-growing crowd. Tattooed and tie-dyed tropical funk band Onsense set a new pace for the afternoon with a sweet set of groovy reggae, while their back-up singer tooted on her giant wooden oboe and their crowd dancer twisted and turned to the funky beat.

Long-time Red Oxx friends and former OxxFest entertainers Spur of the Moment ticked off the classics as the lovely fall afternoon rolled on. Grant Allen Jones kept the crowd enthralled and dancing away prior to the Grand Prize giveaway. And finally the Parker Brown Band closed out the long eventful afternoon.

Jared Kostrba and David Cleaves Stomp it out
Jared Kostrba and David Cleaves Stomp it out.

In between sets from the rockin’ bands, Red Oxx lined up festival attendees for free factory tours. President Perry showed folks around the factory, answering questions and inspiring future entrepreneurs. While all this fun was going on around main stage and at the factory, festival attendees wandered the “Mazabuka” grounds, enjoying the many vendors of arts and crafts or relaxing in the cool quiet of Girlwood’s Studio.

MC Howrad gives flight to a Travel Tray
MC Howrad gives flight to a Travel Tray

MC Howrad gives flight to a Travel Tray


As always the herd started early to get the jump on graphic design and get the word out. There are as many thanks aplenty to hand out as there were prizes to give away. A great big oxx thank you to those who helped make OXXFEST the greatest success so far:

Paula Birkle - Grand Prize Winner
Paula Birkle – Grand Prize Winner.

Devon from BIG, our world-class graphic designer, creator of our classic frame-worthy event posters. Without his exciting and original visuals, the event would have surely passed unseen.

Amy Sjostrom Grand Prize Winner
Amy Sjostrom Grand Prize Winner.

President Perry and Jim, CEO, who worked their tails off all summer to prepare Mazabuka, the event grounds.

All of Team 86, encompassing the herd at Red Oxx, who volunteered their time and effort to pull off such a smooth celebration: Carissa – tour guide extraordinaire; Jenna, our Social Media Marshall; "Other" Lacy and Kawren, fantastic photographers who captured the fun; Christian’s wife Sarah, his mom Carol and pop Ron Boen running the tour table and more; Amanda and Lisa handling checkout; Troy, Rae-Ann, Mariah, V and her husband Dave – running prize tables, answering questions, setting up/taking down and guiding visitors; Lacy McDougal helped organize the vendors, Nancy babysat the factory, and Andrea and Eddie who helped out set-up grounds the night before, Howrad the MC, for working the crowd and making prize winning even more fun than it usually is. The roller-blade team Magic City Rollers who helped get the food truck vote out. The sound man, Mike Tujat, from Midnight Blues Entertainment, who set the music levels just right, and Kiersten corralling the kids coloring table.

Even cats gotta eat
Even cats gotta eat


Out of over 2000 attendees, a hungry herd of 860 voted for their favorite food truck. The winning food truck was last minute contender 406 Poke’ House with 118 votes. Coming in with a close second was our previous two year in a row winner Fat Taco with 107 votes. Rounding the remaining votes were for 3rd, Sandee’s with 96, 4th for Montana Melt with 94 and for 5th place, Mia’s Lumpia with 93 votes.

New use for Travel Tray - a Hat!
New use for Travel Tray – a Hat!


Meanwhile the action at the kid’s coloring table was getting intense. Vendor Girlwood Melissa Burns’ artistic talent runs in her family. Daughter Amelia Nelson is a chip off the old block dazzling the herd with her coloring contest submission. She handily won and packed her new Midnight K-12 Kat Pack over her shoulders while cradling her adorable new Pomhusky, Bruce. Talented little lady indeed!

Congratulations to Grand Prize winners Paula Burkle who made off with the last of the Amethyst colored bags. Amy Sjostrom won the other Grand Prizes, all in classic black.

Prize giveaway table hustle
Prize giveaway table hustle.

Meanwhile online and a few hundred miles away, Chaplain Jeff Hetschel signed up for our email newsletter and entered the online Grand Prize. “I’ve never won anything in my life” he proclaimed. He was so tickled when he got his bags, he video-taped opening the boxes!

Lathe and Chisel's Lovely Wood Works
Lathe and Chisel’s Lovely Wood Works.

And so another great OXXFEST came to a close after a sunny, beautiful Billings fall day. More new faces attended this years festival, more food trucks partook, and everything went smoothly thanks to the efforts of the herd. Red Oxx looks forward to OXXFEST FIVE, which promises to be bigger and better than any Red Oxx Festival so far.

Corralling the herd for a factory tour
Corralling the herd for a factory tour.