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OxxFest II – Customer Appreciation Day Party Report

CEO Jim Markel at OxxFest

Red Oxx’s second annual Customer Appreciation Day was hailed a great success by all those who made it possible. Dubbed the Food Truck Roundup, the “block party” celebrated Red Oxx’s 30 years in Business.

So many happy customers showed up that the five food trucks sold out. Sandee’s said, "It was like a day at the fair, crazy busy!" All the food trucks and resident artists received special Red Oxx 30th anniversary t-shirts.

Delighted customers voted for their favorite food truck. The winner of the best food truck was Fat Taco by just two votes. They were the proud winners of a Big Bull Roll-up and a custom glass blown dinner bell created by CEO Jim Markel.

There were several Mini Totes filled with goodies that were given away every hour. Red Oxx Bag Designer Lacy built a custom set of Market Totes using a beautiful fabric hand woven in Guatemala. Alex Tyler won the set by guessing how many monkey fists were in a jar.

Christian gathers a herd to tour the Factory
Christian gathers a herd to tour the Factory

The kid’s area was a big hit. The ever popular climbing wall from Steep World made it’s appearance. A Bouncy House kept the kids out of trouble as did our coloring contest. Winner of the coloring contest Makaiya went home with a Red Oxx Kat Pack Backpack. Said her mother Amanda, "Thank you so much for such an amazing bag! She immediately switched her school bag over to it. Her excitement about it has been so fun to witness. She just can’t stop talking about how much she loves that the zipper goes ALL THE WAY to the bottom of the bag. Love that the quality of the bag is going to take her to school for years to come and that she’s able to say she earned it. Thanks so much again you’re such a great company!"

Coloring Contest Winner Makaiya won a Red Oxx Kat Pack Backpack

Lots of games also entertained; a rubber duck pond and ladder ball, even a bean bag toss. There was children’s face painting by Margaret and thirteen customers had their portraits drawn by quick-draw artist Natasha.

Red Oxx tips our hats to the musicians that performed. Opening the day was Lindsay and Kelly, second up was local guitar luthier extraordinaire Wes Urbaniak, third The Kemmick Brothers took the stage with Bob Brown, forth up was Yellowstone Howard, fifth was Jarett Kostrba and last performer of the day was City Parks. Thanks to David Cleaves who set up the whole musician roster. It was absolutely fantastic!

Red Oxx offered a couple local blighted homes to local artists to decorate and show off during Oxx Fest. The house on the corner was painted and decorated by local artist Emily Davidson, director of the Apple Gallery at Good Earth Market. She spent two months painting designs on the walls and creating sculptures. "It’s like an alien lives in this house and collects human artifacts." Emily said.

"It’s transitory art, and our brand is about travel." CEO Jim Markel said. "People travel for a lot of reasons, food, culture. We’re offering some of that here."

The factory tours were extremely popular. Hundreds of people joined to tour the factory. In fact, the first tour was split in half because it started out so large.

Big Bull Roll-up and Glass Dinner Bell by Jim Markel
Big Bull Roll-up and Glass Dinner Bell by Jim Markel

Sales Manager and event organizer Christian had this to say about the event.

"I thank you all for going out on a limb and making this such a huge success. I feel it really brought the community out in droves and to me that is a huge win. I love to see that support and it reminds me of why I live, where I live. None of this would have been possible without each and every one of you. A BIG thank you goes out to you all. We’re already discussing ideas for next year’s event and hope to have you all back to be a part of it again!"

Alien House art by Elizabeth Davidson
Alien House art by Elizabeth Davidson

Hat tip for Photographs by Karen Jones.