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Missionary Who’s Built Like an Oxx Yokes up with Two Carry-on Bags

A man with a yoke of Red Oxx

A Bible, A MacBook, A Suit, and Love of God Journey to Europe and Back

Missionary John O’Malley is built like an Ox, "large in stature," as he says. This requires plenty of packing space in a carry-on bag. Not to mention the requisite Bible, Laptop, and suit. God Bless him, he made it there and back with out a hitch. Let’s report to the Pastor.

I received the Air Boss for Christmas, 2007. I asked for it early, in order to give it a trial run for an early December trip to Europe. I felt it was a perfect test for the perfect bag. The journey would involve planes, trains and an automobile trip for a ten day trip to Europe.

Since I am a missionary and large in stature, I wondered if I could get all my stuff including a suit coat in the bag. I got it all in and more. I packed my MacBook Pro, suit, shirts and slacks without a grunt from the bag. It weighed 20 pounds. It was an effortless matter to bring it with me on the inter-European flights. I even had to kill four hours at a mall in Budapest, Hungary while waiting for a train to Romania. I carried the bag with me without a problem.

The quality of the bag is surpassed only by its usefulness. Each space is carefully thought out. I have used it every week on a trip somewhere in the world. I absolutely am thrilled.

The satisfaction with the Air Boss led me to get a second bag. I wanted the CPA briefcase; I figured that if the Air Boss handled my clothing needs that the Metro Laptop Briefcase would do equal justice for my tech needs.

The Metro holds my 15.4 MacBook Pro, overnight clothes, Bible and notes and room for extras. I am thrilled with its usefulness and great shoulder strap. If you are wondering if it will work for you, it will!

Now with two Red Oxx bags, I have a yoke of Red Oxx and I could not be more pleased!

Thanks Red Oxx,
John O’Malley

We’re glad to be of service John. The Oxx is always happy to be a part of any good will. – Cheers, Jim Markel CEO